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The People of Pensacola: Professional Boxer Andrew Murphy

In most stories, I would end with what’s slated next for the featured person, but for a winner who lives and breathes the sport he loves, I’m leading with his next steps. In two days, Andrew Murphy takes to the ring against Washington State’s Devontae McDonald to defend his Super Middleweight title.


This main event matchup will take place at 7 p.m. PST/9 p.m. CST at Legends Casino in Toppenish, WA. The event will be broadcast live on DAZN.

So who is Andrew Murphy? At only 23 years old, Murphy’s goal is to be the undisputed Super Middleweight Champion of the World. He’s already made a name for himself and goes into Thursday’s matchup with an undefeated 7-0-0 record. 5 of those wins were knock-outs.

In 2022, Murphy won the NBA Super Middleweight title belt. Before winning as a  professional, he was ranked in the top 5 in the USA as an amateur and won the National Golden Gloves Championship.

Murphy, known as “White Lightning,” came to Pensacola from Yakima, Washington to train with boxing legend and Pensacolian, Roy Jones, Jr.

For some boxing is a fight, but for Murphy it’s more like a game of chess that incorporates strategy and psychology. When he is not training or in the ring, Andrew spends all of his time studying the art of boxing, watching films, and perfecting his craft.

With upwards of 6 hours per day split between gym training with Roy, weight training, and running, it’s no wonder he’s picked as the favorite once again.

Murphy’s mom, Nicole Martin, said that when Andrew was 14 she hung a punching bag in a tree in the backyard for him to release pent-up energy.

“He used it so much,” she says, “he wore a hole around the base of the tree.”

The boys in the neighborhood would have boxing matches using oven mitts for gloves. At 15, she signed him up at a local boxing gym and he has been 100% devoted to boxing ever since.

From his local gym, he transitioned to the Yakima Police Athletic League (YPAL) boxing gym. While there, he spent his summers working as a mentor for troubled inner-city youth through the police department. It was during these teen years that he won the Golden Gloves Championship in Las Vegas.

Jones gave Murphy his number when the pair were introduced by Jones’ former Pensacola schoolteacher at an event in Washington. When Murphy flew to Pensacola in 2019 to visit his mother, who moved to Pensacola in 2017, he called Roy Jones, Jr. That call and a subsequent visit to Jones’ gym changed the direction of Murphy’s career.

Six months later, Andrew Murphy moved to Pensacola to train with one of the greatest boxers of all time.

Martin is ever the proud Mom, telling of Murphy’s undefeated professional record and his boxing travels to Dubai, Serbia, England, and all over the US. But she is most proud that “Andrew is a great soul. He is wise beyond his years and his outlook on life and interpersonal relationships is mature, grounded, and kind.”

To this point, Murphy’s penchant for mentoring didn’t stop when he moved to Pensacola. While working as a trainer at Title Boxing, Andrew found out a young boxer was struggling to maintain good grades in school. Andrew made a deal with him to go for frozen yogurt once a week with the proof of good grades. The deal worked, the preteen continued to train and benefitted from improved grades and the encouragement of a healthy role model in Andrew.

In addition to mentoring, he enjoys taking care of the animals on Roy’s farm, finding it centering.

Andrew says his favorite thing about Pensacola is the sense of community. He says, “Since it is a military town, there are a lot of people from all over the United States, but the community makes Pensacola feel like home.”

Murphy’s hometown of Yakima follows and supports him still but now that he’s a Pensacolian, let’s affirm his belief in our community and do the same!

Follow Professional Boxer Andrew Murphy on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/AndrewWhiteLightningMurphy/ and on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/realandrewmurphy/

Good Luck, Andrew! We’ll be watching you win.

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