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Life changing lettuce at LocAL Lettuce Heads

Photo by LocAL Lettuce Heads

Growing up with a vegetarian mom, I have always loved vegetables and had a very veggie-forward diet. Now as an adult I find myself preparing salads for most my meals, for no other reason than I love the crunch, the creativity and the way they make me feel — energized! A few months ago I was introduced to a new produce vendor that completely blew me away and totally elevated my at-home salad skills — LocAL Lettuce Heads.


Local Lettuce Heads Farm is a state-of-the-art hydroponic greenhouse grower in the heart of Baldwin County, Alabama. They are committed to growing the safest, cleanest, and tastiest lettuces for local markets. Their farm grows non-GMO lettuces and leaf without pesticides in state-of-the-art controlled environment — hydroponic greenhouses. Their systems are computer-monitored 24/7 keeping the plants in optimum growing conditions that maintain the nutritional needs of the plants.

I first discovered them with my mom at Palafox Market and now we visit them every Saturday morning for our weekly salad shop.

Stefano Feo, Owner Local Lettuce Heads

Owners, Stefano and Vitina Feo started their journey importing extra virgin olive oil straight from their family farm in Italy. For over 20 years they have called Baldwin County home, but would travel around the U.S. educating and selling their authentic extra virgin olive oils and goods.

The course of their business would change when the couple procured a hydroponic farm and began growing lettuce as novice farmers. The couple is now capable of growing 6,000 heads of lettuce per month at their Loxley, AL location.

Customers like my mom and I began pairing the fresh, clean, and local lettuce with their olive oil and haven’t looked back since! To no surprise, we are not the only ones. What makes their lettuce so special? Not only do they have every kind of lettuce and green you can imagine, but their products are non-GMO, pesticide and herbicide free and you can truly taste the difference and feel the nutrients going into your body.

Stefano and Vitina’s mission for Lettuce Heads is simple:

“Our produce is non-gmo, no pesticides, no herbicides, and nutrient dense. We live by the rule of whatever we do, we strive to do it excellently. We want to serve our community by giving the best. To really love something or someone is to know that when you give your best you are serving others, when you give something that is mediocre, you’re being selfish. We know how important our health and healthy whole foods are, it’s what we live by, and it’s what we want to share with others. Health starts at home with food.”

Head to the Local Pulse Instagram page to watch us shop their farmer’s market stand and stay tuned next week for our favorite salad recipe using the Local Lettuce Heads greens and olive oil.