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Garrett Promoted at Dalrymple Sallis Architecture

Samantha Garrett, AIA, Associate Principal at Dalrymple Sallis Architecture

Dalrymple | Sallis Architecture (DSA), a full-service award-winning design firm announced the promotion of Samantha Garrett, AIA, to Associate Principal.


In this elevated role, Garrett will continue to act as Studio Lead and manage her team as she takes on new responsibilities in business operations and practice management.

“From her first day on the job, Samantha’s positivity has been infectious, and her commitment to bettering Pensacola and this firm is unparalleled,” shared DSA Co-Owner and Principal Architect J. Scott Sallis.

DSA Co-Owner and Principal Designer E. Dean Dalrymple agreed, saying: “Samantha embodies the core values of this firm, and her strong design skills, business acumen, and positive mindset have earned her this leadership role in the firm’s future. This is a well-deserved achievement for Samantha and a significant milestone for our firm.”

In pursuit of her lifelong dream of becoming an architect (from the age of 4!), Garrett graduated from the Fay Jones School of Architecture & Design at the University of Arkansas and studied environmental design at the University of Colorado for two additional years. She also held summer internships at HBG Design in Memphis and Portman Architects in Atlanta, the latter of whom hired her after graduation.

With some experience under her belt, Garrett sought a change in company and location, moving to Pensacola and joining DSA in 2021. She is the first woman to hold a leadership position at the company, though this is nothing new for Garrett, who says her transition from a female-majority graduating class to a male-dominated field was not without its challenges.

“I am honored by this promotion at a firm I have loved learning and growing with,” says Garrett. “I love this city and this region, and I can’t wait to see all we can accomplish together as we continue creating impactful designs that truly improve the community.”

Garrett played a pivotal role in several well-known projects, such as the renovation of the former Mount Olive Baptist Church into the current Lily Hall & Brother Fox.

She also supported the launch of a new restaurant brand for Pounder’s Hawaiian Grill in Crestview, and the design of Hatchmark Studio, WinSupply Plumbing Showroom and Warehouse, an upcoming medical spa, and numerous residential projects. Her passion for improving Pensacola, one building at a time, demonstrates her commitment to the Gulf Coast community’s growth and development.

Apart from her professional accomplishments, Garrett’s dedication to community and art is evident in her personal life, including her involvement in the local arts scene and the hands-on renovation of a 100-year-old house in downtown Pensacola with friends.

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