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Top 5 downtown spots for nostalgic Christmas pics

There’s no doubt downtown Pensacola is absolutely adorable, especially during the holiday season. Christmas lights, Winterfest, holiday markets and just old-fashioned charm make downtown Pensacola special this time of year. The tricky part is capturing that charm in a photograph.


As I strolled downtown shopping the last few weeks I stumbled on some adorable photo ops that literally yelled ‘Hallmark movie!’ So, I thought I would share so you too can snap some holiday cheer on your instagram while you’re out and about. These were all taken around sunset which gives you enough light and enough sparkle.

1) Seville. It doesn’t get any more Hallmark than their vintage fire truck out front adorned with wreaths and Christmas lights. The Christmas tree in the window is the cherry on top.

2) Seville again. You don’t have to go far for this next spot. There’s something so nostalgic about old-timey street lamps, especially with big red bows tied around them.

3) Pensacola Museum of History. Yes, this is a no brainer, it’s a giant Christmas Tree! But, it looks extra twinkly right at sunset with the former 1907 Pensacola City Hall as the backdrop.

4) An adorable green truck parked right front of Juan’s Flying Burrito. I notice this festive truck on every holiday. Whether it’s filled with pumpkins and hay at Halloween or a Christmas tree and presents during Christmas, it sure is photo ready and photo worthy.

5) Hub Stacey’s. The stockings in the window and colorful strung Christmas lights not only beg for a photo, but beg you to come inside for a White Russian and the 100% chance of bumping into your high school sweetheart who happens to be home for the holidays. I’ve been watching too many Christmas movies ;).

While I am sure there are plenty more instagrammable spots in Pensacola, these made the top of my shot list due to their close proximity to one another and the warmth I felt when I wandered by. Photo or no photo, they’re worth a stroll by even if just for a serotonin boost.