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Reflections of The Santa Talk

Y’all. I WISH I had a video of my daughter sitting me down around this time last year, interrogating me on the inner workings of Santa Claus.


What seemed to be a normal nighttime routine of a shower, hair brushin’, and teeth scrubbin’; turned into a “Mom, sit down. We need to talk” kind of talkin’. My 4ft 7 year-old sat me down to her eyes level, at the edge of the bed, to have The Santa Talk.

The Santa Talk resulted in a series of questions;

“Do you pretend to be a big man with a beard in a red suit and shop for everything on my Christmas list?”

“Do you take my presents and put them under the Christmas tree? WHILE I’M ASLEEP!”

“Who eats all the cookies?”

“Wait, where do the reindeer come from?”

Bedtime turned into an hour-long conversation about Santa Claus and the truth behind his nature, as I best understand it. This chat was one of the more mature conversations we’d had. I could see her curiosity increasing. The responsibility of keeping the spirit of Santa safe from spoiling it for other children felt like an honor to her.

Santa is still a representation of gift-giving in our home. Gift giving is related to the gift of Jesus, the son that God had promised us. A gift that continues to give us more than we could ever imagine.

To be honest, I had been battling with Santa Claus and all the work that went into making the magic happen. I felt required to put more of my time and treasure into the mystery of Santa Claus than I had the capacity for as a single mother.

Where do you think I was putting my faith?

Parallel to my role as a mother, I’d find myself in Sunday school teaching the birth of Christ as the most hope-filled, joy-bearing gift we could ever imagine.

There was conflict brewing in me over which was the priority.

In a worldly world, it can be easy to let Santa Claus or the production of Christmas become an idol for many. Even those of us who trust that God is God and that He gives us plenty. The season of Advent is about a coming of hope, joy, faith, and love. The pressure that comes from living up to all the best Santa Claus schemes or elf tricks is not from above.

There is nothing wrong with your Christmas Elf, and I quite frankly love seeing your creativity in action. Santa is still Jolly Ol’ St. Nick to me and we will still leave cookies out. I’m most thankful that my heart is at ease knowing I’m not flat-out lying about it.

So while you do all the things that you may be stressed to do, I ask that you remind yourself of Jesus. He came as a gift for YOU.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

Matthew 11:28-30

Find rest in the good gifts this season, and don’t carry so much of that Santa stress.

Peace & Love,

Local Pulse Staff Writer & Holy Moments Columnist, Makenna Curtis

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Makenna Curtis is a Pensacola local with a BIG heart for her hometown. Motherhood, storytelling, helping others, and celebrating the small things in life are just a few of her favorite things. Makenna graduated the University of West Florida with a degree in Communications and Advertising in 2017. Her passion for living life to the fullest and connecting with others makes having a conversation or reading her work easy!