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J.U.S.Tice for Pensacolians

Have you ever been overwhelmed by problems that felt too big for you to do anything about them?


Enter J.U.S.T. Pensacola. J.U.S.T. Pensacola, which stands for Justice United Seeking Transformation in Pensacola, exists entirely to solve problems. This wonderful organization is made up of church congregations throughout Pensacola that come together to solve critical community problems.

Founded just four years ago, this group is already tackling some of our area’s toughest issues. By capitalizing on their organized numbers, J.U.S.T. Pensacola uses a grassroots approach to create direct action to fulfill a ministry tenant of seeking justice for others.

J.U.S.T. Pensacola meets in the fall of each year to hear stories of injustice in the community. Following this time, the presented stories are researched and winnable solutions are discussed. In the spring, thousands of the organization’s members gather to ask city and county officials to implement the proposed solutions. In the months that follow, members spend time following up on action items and raising funds.

In 2023 J.U.S.T. Pensacola is focusing on two significant issues: the rental housing crisis and criminal justice.

The reality is that there is a deficit of 999 rental homes and apartments in the City of Pensacola and the people that are being affected the most are those making at or below 80% AMI, or area median income.

As a result of this study, J.U.S.T. Pensacola has created an action plan that you can read more about here. Although it may take some time, the goal is to create and maintain safe, decent, and affordable rental housing for households with incomes at or below 80% of the Area Median Income. 

Another 2023 action item is to bring awareness of the civil citation option in criminal justice reform. A civil citation program gives law enforcement an alternative to arrest of non-violent offenders. Some of the alternatives are referrals to a community-based provider that offers assessment, appropriate services (including substance use and mental health when needed), and fulfillment of community service requirements.

To read more about this program and the numbers associated with its success, click here for the Civil Citation Dashboard.

For more on J.U.S.T. Pensacola, visit its website at https://www.justpensacola.org/

If you want to be a problem-solver in our community, click here for a list of events to become involved with this organization and here to support this organization financially.