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It’s time to Tee It Up Pensacola!

Welcome to the world of golf like you’ve never experienced before Pensacola! Last Friday, I enjoyed an afternoon of golf with my dad at Pensacola’s newest addition to the golf and entertainment scene — Tee It Up.


Located at 312 East 9 Mile Road, Tee It Up is a cutting-edge golf simulator bar and grill that is fun for the entire family. The decked out space has 7 golf simulators with over 5,000 courses — one being available in a private room, a putting green, a kids room equipped with video games and VR oculus sets, and an entire bar and grill stocked with beer, wine and bar snack favorites.

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer looking to improve your swing (my dad) or someone who simply enjoys an activity to partake in while drinking and socializing (me) Tee It Up is for you.

Seasoned and novice golfers will improve their game and swing with the innovative, state-of-the-art simulators that tell you your club speed, ball speed, distance, swing path, deviation and any other statistic you need to impress your friends the next time you hit the course with them.

Never-been-golfing-but-like-the-idea-of-it golfers like me, will enjoy hanging out with their friends or boyfriend, learning the game and having a glass of wine or beer while they’re at it. Bring your own clubs or use one of the many sets available and start your scramble for $45.99/hour.

“Everyone is welcome at Tee It Up,” said Co-owner Billy Hammac. “We love it because it’s not intimidating to newcomers of the golfing community. We see everyone from couples, families, individuals wanting to improve their golf game, professionals, bachelor parties, friend groups and even ‘the golf course got rained out parties’”.

Billy Hammac and brother-in-law, Mike Massey, opened the golfer’s paradise just over three months ago after they took up their own interest in golf.

“I retired from Exxon Mobile and needed a hobby, so Mike and I started playing golf and three years later here we are. This was easier than hunting the balls we were losing out there.” said Hammac. “It was important to create a space where everyone is comfortable participating.”

Owners, Billy Hammac and Mike Massey

Tee It Up is the only one of its kind in Pensacola and open late seven days a week. The simulators are extremely easy to use and can also be used as televisions to watch SEC Games, The Super Bowl, MMA fights or any sporting event for that matter.

My dad and I were equally impressed by Tee It Up and equally unimpressed by my golf game (just watch the video). The important part is we had an absolute blast, lots of laughs and look forward to our next visit. Don’t miss this place this holiday season, we’re hooked!