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Uniting families in honor of National Adoption Month

Bugby Family

Put good out in the world and good will come back to you.


Too often when we think about the Golden Rule of treating others as you would like to be treated, we focus on the bad associated with negative actions. The fairytale-like events that led to two adoptive families reconnecting years after they first met show the possibilities when you put love, faith, generosity, and “good” out in the world.

Joseph and Medea Abrego tragically lost their home in 2018 due to Hurricane Michael. As a military family, they were evacuated to out of state for several weeks and moved for 4 months before returning to Florida again on humanitarian relief orders.  Seeking to bring some joy to their young, adopted children from the tragedy the family endured, and find a bit of normalcy, the Abrego family enrolled their children in a vacation bible school at a local church.  The church welcomed them with open arms and gave the family the community, faith and support they direly needed– “good” that would be returned years later to another family working at the church.

A few years later the Abrego family had relocated and began their new life as directors of the non-profit adoption grant organization, the Oath Fund (Orphans Awaiting Their Homes). The Oath Fund has been providing adoption grants to families across the country for 15 years and has the mission to unite adoptive families and children from around the world; a goal well suited for Joseph and Medea to lead.

They continued to consider growing their family through adoption and contacted, Gulf Coast Adoptions, and discussed their future adoption goals and how the Oath Fund may assist other potential adoptive families via financial assistance. Soon after the discussion, the Oath Fund received an application for an adoption grant from the Bugby family who were seeking to adopt two young children originally from Haiti with the assistance of Gulf Coast Adoptions. While Joseph and Medea reviewed the Bugby families’ application, they realized that the Bugby family had worked at the church who aided their family in their time of need following Hurricane Michael! As a well deserving family, and with the sign that this coincidence was no accident, the Oath fund graciously provided the Bugby family with financial assistance that allowed them to adopt the two children.

Last year, the Oath Fund held its first “For The Good 5k Run/Walk“ to raise money for future adoption grants. The Bugby family attended the race with their two newly adopted children and met a young man at the 5k who was also adopted from Haiti. The young man still spoke their native Creole language and was able to communicate with the children who still primarily only spoke the language. This interaction sparked tears from the adoptive families and other attendees who witnessed these adopted children communicate on a new and deeper level that would not have been possible without the Oath Fund.

This year, the Bugby Family continued to grow their family through adoption; this time by adopting a child they had been fostering. Just this past month, Gulf Coast Adoptions assisted with the Bugby’s finalization of the adoption. In a foster to adopt situation, The State of Florida compensates the firm for the legal finalization process, and in the spirit of giving, the firm has decided to donate our legal profits from the Bugby’s adoption finalization – and others in the future – to the Oath Fund so that they can continue to strive towards their goal of uniting adoptive families with children from around the world.

The Bugby and Abrego families have proven that if you put good into the world that good will come back to you in unexpected ways. Their acts of generosity were not made with an expectation of anything in return but regardless, good came around. Please consider continuing to put good into the world by helping the Oath Fund make future impacts on adoptive families.

The Oath Fund’s 2nd annual “For the Good 5k Run/Walk” will be held on Saturday, December 2nd at Loxley Municipal Park, Municipal Park Drive, Loxley Alabama.  All proceeds from the race will directly benefit families and their adoptions. Give back to the Oath Fund by signing up for this year’s race here or by making a donation at oathfund.org/donate

This is a USATP-certified course. Awards and medals will be presented.

Gulf Coast Adoptions and Emmanuel Sheppard & Condon are proud to be presenting sponsors of the 5k and cannot wait to race you to the finish line!