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The 6th Annual Bike and Ball Bash: Uniting Community for a Worthy Cause

Pensacola Harley-Davidson is currently revving their engines with excitement as the 6th Annual Bike and Ball Bash is underway and in full speed! Quality Roofing has joined the festivities, generously engaging with the community by donating bikes and balls to benefit local families in need.


From now until December 13th, Pensacola Harley-Davidson is accepting collections of bicycles, scooters, roller skates, sports balls, and anything that encourages outdoor play. This initiative aims to bring joy and recreation to local children during the holiday season. Donations can be made directly at the dealership, making it convenient for those eager to contribute.

For those unable to visit the dealership in person, there’s a virtual option to support the cause. Donations can be made from the comfort of your home at https://tinyurl.com/BikeBallBash2023.

As an extra incentive to participate during the Black Friday Weekend, there’s an Amazon link available. This link directs donors to a curated list where items can be selected and shipped directly to the dealership. It’s a hassle-free way to make a difference while taking advantage of holiday deals.

Monetary donations are also warmly welcomed, providing flexibility for those who prefer a financial contribution. Every dollar contributes to ensuring that local families experience the joy and warmth of the holiday season.

Adding to the excitement, a live radio broadcast went from 12PM to 2PM. Everyone was able to tune in to catch the latest updates, stories, and the heartwarming impact of the Bike and Ball Bash on the local community.

To make the event even more memorable, KJ’s Fried Kitchen served a delicious lunch for purchase, while Harley’s Angels were on hand serving complimentary drinks to all attendees.

The 6th Annual Bike and Ball Bash is a testament to the power of community and collective generosity. Whether it’s a tangible donation, a virtual contribution, or simply spreading the word, every action counts.

Join Pensacola Harley-Davidson and Quality Roofing in making a positive impact this holiday season. Let’s come together to bring smiles and the gift of play to those who need it most!