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Sit. Stay. Sparkle! Buccella & Rollins Visit Elebash’s

We caught up with Canine Companions and Elebash’s Jewelers again last Monday when Patrick Elebash and his team got a very special visit from Rollins and Buccella, a Canine Companion and future Canine Companion.


The pups were visiting Elebash to say thank you for a donation Patrick made to Canine Companion’s 27th Annual Tales and Tails Gala happening this weekend in Orlando.

“Patrick has donated stunning pieces three times and helped raise thousands of dollars. He is so generous! We are so grateful for the vital role he’s played in our mission of providing free, expertly trained service dogs to folks who need them most,” said Kathryn Daniel, Canine Companions Volunteer Puppy Raiser.

The Tails and Tales Gala is Canine Companion’s biggest celebration and fundraiser of year. an event filled with inspiring stories, lively entertainment, delightful cuisine and drinks and the best silent and live auctions in Central Florida. Plus, adorable dogs!

One of our favorite stories told at this Gala and featured on their event website, is one about Brittney Clark, a Pensacola local puppy raiser.

Over ten years ago, Brittney Clark watched as her sister Te’a received Babette, her service dog from Canine Companions. She knew in that moment she wanted to give back to the organization that had blessed her sister with her new best friend, and she became a volunteer puppy raiser.

When Babette retired in 2020, Tea began her journey to receive her next service dog. She needed a dog who was smart, strong, and able to take her into the next chapter of her life. As fate would have it, Argos, the fourth dog raised by Brittney, was in professional training and was looking for his partner too.

During Team Training the trainers knew that Argos was the best match for Te’a because his strong work ethic and gentle nature perfectly complimented her desire for greater independence. “It’s great to have him home with us and there’s no telling what we will accomplish in the future together,” said Te’a. Whether he is picking up a dropped object or going with her on walks, he’s always there for her.

“I was fortunate to see intimately how these dogs change a person’s life. What I didn’t realize was how much they could change my life when I become a puppy raiser,” said Brittney. “I continue to raise because of Te’a and Babette.”

Brittney’s puppy raising journey has been very successful. All four of the dogs she has raised found their perfect match. She is currently raising Romilly, puppy number five, and hopes that he will also provide hope to a person with a disability.

It’s an honor tell Canine Companion’s feel-good stories and we get to continue to do so because of the many generous supporters like Patrick Elebash and his team.