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Junior League of Pensacola to Host 10th Annual Healthy Halloween Party

Photo: Daisy Anderson

Join us for a delightful and health-focused Halloween celebration hosted by the Junior League of Pensacola!


Our members have prepared an array of enchanting and captivating table themes, designed to ignite the imagination of every child. They are excited to provide an assortment of wholesome treats (no candy) and activities to all attendees.

Admission is FREE, ensuring that all families can take part in the festivities.

For the safety and enjoyment of all attendees, JULEP kindly requests that each child be accompanied by an adult guardian, to ensure a supervised and joyful experience. Please note that the aim is to keep the Halloween spirit light and cheerful, so please choose costumes that are not scary.

Come and celebrate the magic of Halloween in a health-conscious and community-focused setting. Create lasting memories together at the Junior League of Pensacola’s Healthy
Halloween on October 14th.

It should be a fun family afternoon with wholesome treats!

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