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Join the WolfGang for Fun with Your Pup

Jessica and Kim Wolford, owners of WolfGang, and their pups, Hugh, Mama, Victor and Marie.

Their dogs are their best friends.


They both say that the unconditional love they feel from all four of them inspires them to be better humans and to look for ways to honor them.

Meet Jessica and Kim, owners of WolfGang Pensacola.

This over-exuberant love is the primary reason they started their business that specializes in crafting & coordinating tail-waggingly delightful experiences for dogs & humans, WolfGang Pensacola.

The household discussion in their home every week is how do they celebrate being a responsible dog owner and encourage our community to ‘pawse’ for a moment – and remember the commitment they have made to their sweet pups?

And how do you make that fun for both human and dog?

It’s why they have created events like pup crawls, Barkday parties, Adoptiversaries, Mutts and Mimosas, and Yappy Hours each month.

It’s why when they plan an event, they intentionally begin each one with a mini-educational conversation.

Sometimes the topics are health-related as in how to protect your dog from the heat, other times they are training led as in how to calm your babe when it is thundering, and sometimes they are relationship-related, as in how to understand dog language cues.

Their enthusiasm for the health and well-being of every dog in Escambia County (well, really anywhere) can only be matched by the love shown to them by Hugh Twos, their 7-year-old Lab when they come back home from running an errand: “You’re back!! The world is right again, hoomans!”

“If I was audio recorded inside my home, I have absolutely no doubt that the words “I love you” would equal 75% of the words I speak to my four dogs each day. They are just so lovable.

If there is one thing I want to make sure they know, it is this – how thankful I am for them.

In fact, it is why I advocate for all the dogs. It is one reason why we started WolfGang Pensacola, as a thank you to our pups for showing us the true meaning of unconditional love.

I want to be a part of teaching every current and future dog owner in Escambia County how to love their pup well, how to care for them through education on options for neutering and spaying, how to rescue dogs through adoption, how to have fun and create joy for both dog and dog owner” said Wolfgang Co-owner and elementary school teacher, Kim Wolford.

“If we could have one wish, it would be that dogs in our community would never be rejected or unloved for even a second, ever again,” followed up Jessica Wolford, WolfGang Co-owner.

So, if you see them out and around with a Pet Pensacola Dogs tee shirt on, say hi!

And know that if you have a dog with you, Jessica and Kim will be showering them with belly rubs and ear scratches, secretly knowing they’re the ones being spoiled with a truckload of unconditional love from your sweet pet.

Want to take your pup to an upcoming event?

October 5th , 6pm – 8pm  Yappy Hour at Pensacola Bay Brewery

October 13th, 6pm- 9pm   2nd Annual Spooky Pup Crawl

October 14th 11am – 2pm   Paws for a Cause

October 18th 6pm – 9pm   Pups & Pints at Perfect Plain

October 26th 4pm – 8pm  Scary Night Market at Perfect Plain

October 29th 10am – 4pm  Barktoberfest at Seville Square

And, sign up for a WolfGang membership which includes added perks, discounts on merchandise, and a $10 gift card to a favorite restaurant for dog owners, Dog House Downtown !

Follow them here on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wolfgangparkandbrews

Follow them here on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wolfgangpensacola/

Find all of their events coming up here:   wolfgangparksandbrews.com







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