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Holy Moments Can Happen in the Car

Time with our kids isn’t all about the quantity, but more so the quality of the time we are spending with them.


In the busy days of school, work, and extracurricular activities, we find the windows of time to spend with our children fewer and farther between. We rush through the morning with questions about the upcoming school day and before you know it, diving into the dinner debrief and nighttime routine.

We have a huge opportunity to have holy moments with our children. One car ride at a time.

Have you ever considered the time in the car with your child as a sacred time?

A time when you can pray together, talk about each other’s day, and collect the easily overseen details of what’s going on in their world. Though the distance from place A to B may not be far, a lot can happen in a short amount of time.

Take Time to Pray in the Car

Car prayers have become a routine thing in my daughter and I’s day to day. We have different cues we lean into that help us remember when we forget to pray. When we hop on the 3-mile bridge, see an ambulance driving by, or a person on a bike that may not look like they know how to ride. Upon getting in our car to head out for the day, we normally start the ride by praying.

Our prayer time has evolved since we started being more intentional with our daily car rides. It initially started as talking through the things that we were grateful for each day. We would start with three things each and end up talking about them all the way to school. Over time we thought it would be a good idea to invite God into the conversation and it has grown the way that we pray today.

Kick Up A Conversation

As a full-time mom, part of the job description is actually ”taxi cabbing kids around town.” And instead of hopping on phones and tuning out to the radio, we catch up on what’s going on. As a result, I’ve kept up with the trends and sipped the latest “tea” on these rides.

These are holy moments you guys. The moments in the day that can connect us with our children when we aren’t given enough time.

Now I’m not bashing playing our favorite songs, or non-stop talking all the time.. We who have road-tripped know that more than a couple hours and we are demanding that “everyone is playing Quiet Time!”

Do you see where I am going with this?

It’s in the every day, Monday – Friday, back and forth rides. Take the lead to deepen the kind of conversations you have during these times.

Our Children Learn Lots About Us When We Drive

Whether it is someone referring to road rage, playing music that talks about inappropriate things, or how their parent rides without their seatbelt; I’ve heard just about everything, and our children are incredibly in tune with the life we lead. This isn’t intended to stir up guilt. Cause we’ve all been there when we were cut off and could not contain our chill.

My intentions are pure when I say that our children are sponging all this information and gleaning from these sacred car rides.

Holy moments are easy to miss. The first place to look is the regular routines and daily habits.

We can miss opportunities to create more peace.

We can miss chances to invite God into our obstacles and see where He chooses to lead.

We can retain a dialogue with our sassy teen.

We can overcome the day’s drama before we make it to our street.

These are the holy moments. The kind of moments that we ALL need.

Local Pulse Staff Writer & Holy Moments Columnist, Makenna Curtis

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Makenna Curtis is a Pensacola local with a BIG heart for her hometown. Motherhood, storytelling, helping others, and celebrating the small things in life are just a few of her favorite things. Makenna graduated the University of West Florida with a degree in Communications and Advertising in 2017. Her passion for living life to the fullest and connecting with others makes having a conversation or reading her work easy!