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Will Condon, Hometown Healthcare Hero

Happy first day Will! Will Condon, MHA, has been selected to serve as President for Ascension Sacred Heart, with his first day being yesterday, September 17, 2023.


Will’s career has been on a steep trajectory. In just over 10 years, he went from the Marketing Communications Department at Ascension Sacred Heart to President of the Studer Family Children’s Hospital at Ascension Sacred Heart to President of Ascension Sacred Heart.

Condon was born in Pensacola and graduated from Pensacola
Catholic High School. Going back five generations, his Pensacola roots are as strong as his passion for healthcare. In an interview with UWF, Condon stated that he had always had an interest in healthcare, but thanks everyone who saw something bigger in him for his rapid climb up the corporate ladder.

His journey at Ascension Sacred Heart would begin as a Marketing Coordinator after he graduated from UWF with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. Two years later, he would be promoted to Marketing Manager.

Fast forward three years, Condon would become Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Ascension Sacred Heart. During his time as Marketing Manager, Condon was encouraged to get his Master’s in Healthcare Administration. By taking online courses, working late and putting in Sunday study hours, he would receive his Masters by 2016.

As President of Studer Family Children’s Hospital for the past four years, Condon oversaw the operations, continuous growth and development of the hospital and its pediatric service lines. He played a lead role in the opening of the new Studer Family Children’s Hospital in 2019, the region’s only hospital specializing in pediatric care. He was also responsible for the women’s service line at Ascension Sacred Heart, which includes labor and delivery, postpartum and the regional perinatal center.

We have no doubt that Condon will continue to do incredible things for our community, and doing it gracefully with gratitude. Congratulations on your new position and we look forward to seeing what you will achieve next.

…..feeling inspired.