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Mrs. Jones & The Idle Reader Open a Coffee Shop + Bookstore

One of my most cherished attributes of being a Pensacola native is seeing how far people have come in their dreams and aspirations. Some I’ve had the pleasure of knowing closely, and some I’ve been cheering on from across the room.


Is it just me who’s motivated by seeing transformations like the Wahoos Stadium?

A piece of land that was once empty and lifeless now draws locals and tourists from all over to enjoy an award-winning waterfront baseball stadium.

Jesus shares a parable about pruning things back and shallow ground vs. fruitful soil.

I’ve sat in award ceremonies where myself and fellow peers are reflecting on how their passions have prospered into provision. It’s powerful.

People in Pensacola are making an impact with the moves they make. 

I’ve had the opportunity to work with startup small business owners and witness a concept or solution designed to serve others turn into a reality. It’s moving to be a part of a dedicated team.

There are many small business success stories to tell within our community. This story is special and hits close to home!

What goes better together than coffee and books?

How about two special small business owners who are opening a shop with BOTH?

Introducing Mrs. Jones Cold Brew Coffee Bar & The Idle Reader!

I had the chance to ask my friend and owner of The Idle Reader, Precious Murphy, all about the call to caffeine and how the two came together to open the shop. She shares about Mrs. Jones, their meeting, and what to expect in the future months ahead!

Mrs. Stephanie Jones – Mrs. Jones Cold Brew

How did Mrs. Jones get started?

“Mrs. Jones Cold Brew was born in the midst of motherhood when Stephanie Jones needed good coffee, and fast. What started as a daily ritual quickly became a staple among those close to Stephanie, who continually encouraged her to share her caffeinating gifts with the world.

In those early days, “sharing the coffee love” translated into having a booth at Palafox Market, where MJCB grew deep roots within the community and established herself as the expert in all things cold brew. Over time, MJCB could be found all over Pensacola and beyond, taking on multiple forms – espresso martinis in restaurants, shakes in ice cream parlors, and of course a bottle of concentrate in coffee lovers’s homes.”

What is one of your biggest takeaways from being a small business owner?

“Adaptability has been key to the success of MJCB. From multiple temporary kitchens to broken vehicles and equipment, their team has had to adjust non-stop, all while keeping up with production and finding a “home” for their coffee business.

Though so many elements have changed within the MJCB story, one thing remains – the heart behind MJCB, which has always been to celebrate one’s individuality. Whoever you are, and however you like your coffee, MJCB has you covered.”

The Idle Reader – Precious Murphy

How did The Idle Reader get brought into the picture?

“Stephanie has become many things to many people – a caffeine dealer, supporter, and friend. She has supported me as a mentor, cheerleader, and boss business mom. I began working for MJCB as a barista and social media manager in the middle of 2020. It was during a content day at my home when Stephanie caught a glimpse of my husband and I’s greatest obsession – books. There were easily a couple thousand books in our tiny apartment and only one piece of furniture.

Books were clearly the priority.

When talks began about the possibility of opening a coffee bar, Stephanie asked if we would create a bookstore within the Mrs. Jones Cold Brew Coffee Bar, and the rest is almost history!”

What can people expect in the new coffee bar?

“The shared vision for the coffee bar is to create a space for the caffeinated curious and to satiate your cravings for both coffee and literature!

At the coffee bar, you’ll enjoy

⁃Learning how to take the elevated cold brew experience home with you in the form of the cold brew Elixirs

⁃Shopping for local award-winning products & goods

⁃Hot coffee options, featuring local roasters

⁃Book clubs and bookish events

And so much more!

The MJCB family cannot wait to serve our community in this new capacity. Cheers to all our caffeinated adventures ahead!”

You can look forward to their soft opening on Thursday, September 28! For more information on their shop and offerings, you can check out their channels below.

Mrs. Jones Cold Brew Coffee Bar

The Idle Reader

Hours of Operation:

Tuesday through Saturday, 7 AM-3 PM.


1449 W Nine Mile Rd, Unit 17

I’ll be seeing you at the coffee shop then. Till next time.

Local Pulse Staff Writer & Casually Caffeinated Friend, Makenna Curtis

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