Home Business Welcome to Downtown First City Bee Company!

Welcome to Downtown First City Bee Company!

Natalie and Kevin Blake, Owners, First City Bee Co.

What’s the buzz about downtown Pensacola’s newest premium honey and mead (wine) bar and gift shop? Yes, you read that right — a honey and wine bar. Keep reading to find out.


This Friday, August 11th, Natalie and Kevin Blake will have the soft opening of their newest venture, First City Bee Company. The pair took their love for helping people and teaching and transformed it into what will now be a unique experience in the heart of Pensacola, 9 Palafox Place.

Originally from Ohio, Natalie and Kevin moved to Pensacola a few years ago after falling in love with the sandy white beaches. Natalie, a former Day Spa owner and Radiation Therapist, took her passion for helping people and teaching and transformed it into First City Bee Company along with her husband, Kevin.

Kevin, who is an Electrical Engineer by trade and also in the service industry of helping to light the world by providing a customized lighting experience to enhance the beauty of any space.

Upon walking in from Palafox, the bar/retail counter is at the focal point where you can try complimentary meads and honeys. Personally, I had never heard of mead before, but I can now say I am a lifelong fan. What’s not to love about a low ABV, gluten-free, honey wine?

Honey Wine (Mead) happens to be the worlds oldest fermented drink.  Evidence indicates that mead is over 7,000 years old.  Mead is made up of three simple ingredients – Honey, Water and Yeast. Behind the bar they have eight different taps of different flavored mead, each one more delicious than the next! Purchase their meads by the glass, by the flight and even by the growler.

It won’t take you long to realize what the store is truly about is the busy buzzing insect that is the shop’s namesake — the bee.

”You know they say without bees the world would cease to exist. After researching everything there is to know about bees, you find out the lifespan of a worker bee is 5-6 weeks. Five weeks of hard work for the sake of others,” Natalie said.

The First City Bee Co is a way to honor bees and all they do for us. Honey truly is a gift of nature. People throughout the world have hailed the health benefits of honey for thousands of years. Almost every shelf in their store contains honey or nature inspired items from health and beauty products to candles and home decor.

Be sure to visit Natalie and Kevin this Friday at 12:30pm. You will be blown away by their passion and selection of unique honey products. Word on the street is they will have a hive and handler at the opening as well. Congratulations Natalie and Kevin — we are BUZZING!

Find out more on their website https://www.firstcitybeeco.com and give them a follow on Instagram and Facebook to find out more on the soft open this Friday