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Keep Pensacola Beautiful Cleans Up the Coast

Keeping Pensacola a beautiful and vibrant place to live is one of the many reasons that this community has been able to thrive as a best-kept secret for a residential destination.


Notice, for once, we aren’t referring to Pensacola as a vacation destination. This is for us, y’all!

Though focused on tourism and a growing place in popularity, Pensacola, for as long as I’ve known it, has drawn in visitors and families from all over to find roots here on the Gulf Coast.

Pensacola Beach, FL – Photo by: Deluna Vision

There is a reason for this.

It was 1974 when my dad’s family was stationed here in Pensacola for his third-grade year of elementary school. My grandfather served in the Air Force and had a short stint here in Pensacola on their way to Texas.

It was 2012 when I was voted as the “Most Likely To Never Leave Gulf Breeze”.

There is something about Pensacola. Something sticky. And I’m not talking about the humidity.

For the people who don’t already live here, they move here because they “grew up vacationing at the beach as a child”, “got stationed here”, “went to flight school at NAS”, or “have family that lives here”.

Convinced by his short visit in his early years, my dad knew Pensacola would be home one day.

Pensacola is a beautiful place to live and raise a family large in part because of the many hands that help keep it clean. Between local city government, non-profit organizations, and conservation advocates – Pensacola is covered with a commitment to making this place more beautiful every day.

Keep Pensacola Beautiful is a local organization that has played a significant role in keeping our community clean. Through their community clean-ups, adopt a spot program and special events – Their organization and its volunteers cover the community with clean-up efforts regularly.

Keep Pensacola Beautiful Clean Up, Photo by: Jordan Thomas

Keep Pensacola Beautiful wants to make the 2023 International Coastal Cleanup one of the biggest local cleanups yet! This event is happening September 16th from 9 AM – 11 AM at Casino Beach Pavilion on Pensacola Beach.

Sign up TODAY! 

“You don’t want to miss this annual event. We know humans are great at cleaning beaches, but a little robotic assistance never hurt. That’s why we are bringing BeBot back to Pensacola Beach. This is more than a cleanup.

We will be sorting and categorizing the beach litter we find, then we’ll send our results to the Ocean Conservancy for their global report on marine litter around the world. This is an excellent way for people of ALL AGES to get involved with citizen science in the community.”


Who: Keep Pensacola Beautiful

Where: Casino Beach

When: September 16th / 9 AM – 11 AM

You can learn more about Keep Pensacola Beautiful by visiting their website here, and stay up to date with their volunteer opportunities on their social channels.



If you live or regularly visit here, you are responsible for helping to keep this house a home! Thank you for doing YOUR part in keeping Pensacola a clean and beautiful place to live. As Ted Lasso says, “Doing the right thing is never the wrong thing.”


Local Pulse Staff Writer & Glad to Be Here, Makenna Curtis

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