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Homestead Living on The Hayes Ranch

Sean Mullins, The Hayes Ranch

For those of you familiar with Berryhill Road in Milton, Florida – have y’all ever noticed how beautiful/impossible that single-lane drive is when the sun is shining bright in your eyes?


Sun up or sun down – it gets you every time.

Sean Mullins, The Hayes Ranch

If Berryhill Road doesn’t ring a bell, maybe you recognize the name of National Cutting Horse Hall of Famer, Rufus Hayes. He started the family ranch in 1969 and has grown it to be a staple in Milton’s history. Over the years, Rufus and his family have raised buffalo, cattle, and horses. You can also find your fair share of dogs, chickens, goats, and other farm life running free-range on the property.

In addition to livestock and farm critters, the Hayes family tree has grown deep roots there. Currently, there are 4 generations of family working and living on the ranch. The Hayes Ranch is a special place built on a heart for horses and sustainability.

Over the last few years, I’ve become close with the Hayes family, and every so often we get the chance to head out to the ranch for the weekend. This past trip was one for the books, as we got to see the latest babies born (humans & animals!), updates to the property, and get the inside scoop on upcoming fall festivities!

The Hayes Ranch offers performance horse training, boarding, seasonal riding, and summer camps. With fall not too far away, those cooler horse rides through the wide-open pasture will be calling your name.

Horse Rides start @ 5 PM on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

9 AM rides are available on Wednesdays!

Rides start at $65/1 hr.

If you like fast horses, barrel races, delicious food, and family fun, Hayes Ranch is hosting its annual Barrel Bash for Emmylou! This is a public event happening the Saturday after Thanksgiving, November 25th. People travel from all over, hauling in over 150 horse trailers for the big day.

You can find more information on their offerings, sponsorship, and upcoming events here at their website: The Hayes Ranch

Follow their Social Media for weekly updates: Hayes Ranch

For those of you who have gotten to experience ranch life, you know good and well that grazing horses on the horizon and gigantic bonfires are truly something special. There isn’t anything like farm-fresh eggs in the morning, or a trail ride through the pasture to take a dip in the cold creek.

#ranchlife really is the #bestlife.

Recent updates to the Hayes property have made it possible for you to enjoy a ranch-style respite away from your busy life. Though small and quaint, this “little house on the prairie” offers the homestead feel with the accessibility of being only a hop, skip, and jump away from the main Pensacola area.

The tiny home launches on Air B&B on September 1st! Expect access to seasonal produce, farm-fresh eggs, pasture views, and evenings around the fire pit. Canoes and kayaks are available to rent. Our friend, Sean Mullins, did an incredible job capturing the beauty of this little oasis. Peek the outdoor amenities!

Book your stay here: Hayes Ranch Homestead 

To say it is a blessing to spend summer nights under the stars out on the ranch is an understatement. Year around, the property provides for the families and locals that know of it. The Hayes family makes everyone feel at home on the ranch and it is exciting to see their offerings growing.

Be sure to get a stay on the ranch booked for the fall, and make it a point to bring the family out for the November Barrel Bash!

A big thanks to the family and friends on The Hayes Ranch who have always made our time out there one that we’ll never forget.

Local Pulse Staff Writer & Friend of the Family, Makenna Curtis

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