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City Awarded Nearly $500K for Mobile Command Center

The City of Pensacola has been awarded a nearly $500,000 grant for a new mobile command center, which will serve as a centralized command center for the Pensacola Police Department and Pensacola Fire Department when responding to critical incidents.


The city was awarded $493,336 through the Department of Homeland Security’s Port Security Grant Program for the mobile command center. PPD will fund an additional $164,445, for a total of $657,781. The grant application was coordinated by the City of Pensacola Grants Office, in collaboration with the Pensacola Police Department and the Port of Pensacola.

Available to communities with deep water commercial ports, the Port Security Grant Program provides funding to state, local and private-sector entities for security initiatives. These projects aim to safeguard port infrastructure, enhance maritime security risk management, and reinforce security mitigation protocols.

With the addition of the mobile command center, PPD will be able to improve interagency communications and streamline operations when addressing critical incidents, through the use of upgraded equipment and advanced technology. The mobile command center will be used to respond to any critical incident in the Port of Pensacola area to serve as the unified incident command location for police, fire, and city administration to respond to and mitigate any incidents.

This command will also serve as an additional regional asset to respond and assist with critical incidents and large-scale events in the Port of Pensacola operating area.

This grant funding provides an opportunity for the Pensacola Police Department and the Port of Pensacola to enhance their readiness and more effectively prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies.

The mobile command center is expected to be acquired in 2024 and will be housed at the Pensacola Police Department.