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Touring Your Town: Local Brewery Scene

Emerald Republic Brewing - Pensacola, FL

The local brewery scene is strong in Pensacola and it seems essential to have a go-to guide to help you navigate your way. Has it ever occurred to you that no matter where you find yourself in town, the nearest brewery only seems to be a few blocks away? Over the last decade or so, the local craft brewery scene has come to take control.


Let’s just say each brewery is a “vibe” in the best kind of way. While their primary focus is to craft excellent brews, they are viewed as community watering holes for people of all ages and tastes too. With indoor taprooms and outdoor gardens, each brewery has its own ambiance to offer. Everyone is friendly and seems to always be in a cheerful mood. These can all be positive indicators that the beer is tasty too.

Emerald Republic Brewing – Pensacola, FL

Brewers start with a vision to craft good beer and spend time with people they love. Each idea ferments into a whole culture and it shows when you walk in the pub. The local brewery scene is loaded with diversity, creativity, and everything else in between.

Some offer food, some offer a larger variety of what they serve to drink. Most of them play live music, and others host themed parties that you won’t want to miss. Some host events, festivals, and markets; while others are typical, go in, order, and sit. Depending on your style, there is more than likely a brewery on this list that is a good fit for you.

Craft Brewery Near You 

200 South Tap House 

A Little Madness Brewing Company

Alga Beer Company

Beardless Brewhaus

Brew Angels LLC

Coastal County Brewing

Doc’s Hop Shop

Emerald Republic Brewing 

Gary’s Brewery & Biergarten

Goat Lips Chew & Brew House

Odd Colony Brewing Company

Pensacola Bay Brewery

Perfect Plain Brewing Co.

Secret Sagittarius Brewery and Scratch Kitchen

St. Michael’s Brewing Company

The 5 Barrel

Wisteria Tavern

World of Beer

Ye Olde Brothers Brewery

When thinking of something laid back and fun to do, taking a tour of the local brewery scene may be just the perfect thing for you. Touring breweries can happen year-round. The places listed above seem to always have fun events planned, or seasonal beers to keep things fresh.

Odd Colony – Pensacola, FL

They are a great spot for a casual hang, date night, or grabbing your favorite group of friends to have a day drink around town. During the day, you can find spots on the list that are even friendly for your kids and/or dogs to come to play. You can even find local sodas and other alcohol-free options if you don’t feel like having a craft beer that day.

Cheers to you and yours, and may this guide help in navigating your next craft beer tour!

Makenna Curtis, Local Pulse Staff Writer & Craft Beer Tourer

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