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Tour de Trails Around Pensacola

Black Water Heritage State Park Trail - Milton, FL

Pensacola is not typically known for its hiking scene or elaborate trails leading you higher in elevation to an overlooking peak. If you are from around here, you know that our land is FLAT. Pretty, but panned out as far as your eye can see.

Fort Pickens Trails – Pensacola Beach

We are known for our sugar-white sands and overcrowded beaches during the summertime. For some locals, sunburns and squishing ourselves out onto the burning hot sand with tons of tourists is not attractive. We know how peaceful and serene it can be August – October and are just fine to wait it out till then.

In the meantime, finding activities in this summer humidity can near make you pass out just thinking about what to do. Check out this compiled this list of local trails, offering you an alternative idea for an activity your family (that’s dogs too!) can do year around. The trails below range in distance, accessibility, shade covering, etc. – So please be sure to do your part to make sure you are prepared for the adventure.

Essential supplies for hiking Florida trails include things like;

  • **BUG SPRAY (and not the “gentle” kind.. You need the “deep woods, don’t mess with me” brand)
  • **A walking stick (or spider stick.. Yes, this is a long stick used for poking piles of leaves to check for snakes, and/or avoiding run-ins w/ a spider web)
  • Backpack w/ snacks & plenty of water
  • Close-toed walking shoes
  • Sunscreen

The ** indicates a nonnegotiable here, okay? You can survive 3 days without water. You may make it 3 seconds without getting a mosquito bite or having a run-in with a thousand-thread spider web.

You get the gist. And if this is your first time exploring these trails, you can learn a lot from local trail reviews on the All Trails app.. the app provides navigation, route overviews, and other helpful information to set you up for success.

Local Trails List

America’s First Settlement Trail – Downtown Pensacola

Bay Bluffs Boardwalk Trail – Pensacola, FL

Black Water Heritage State Park Trail – Milton, FL 

Browns Pond, Borrow Pit, & Andrew Jackson Loop – Naval Live Oaks, Gulf Breeze

Brakenridge Nature & Fishing Trail – Gulf Islands National Seashore, Gulf Breeze

Clear Creek Nature Trail – Milton, FL

Fort Pickens Trail – Fort Pickens, Pensacola Beach

Gulf Oak Ridge Trail – Gulf State Park

Navy Point Park Trail – Navy Point Park

Perdido Bayou Trail – Tarklin Bayou Preserve State Park

Shoreline Park Trail – Gulf Breeze Florida

LEAP Summit Trail – Pensacola, FL

UWF Nature Trails, University of West Florida – Pensacola, FL

There are many trails to take advantage of right here in our hometown. You don’t have to climb to the top of a mountain to find a beautiful view! Happy trailing!


– Makenna Curtis, Local Pulse Staff Writer & Lover of Adventures

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