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The Butcher Shoppe Goes Viral

Maybe you’re one of Sam The Cooking Guy’s 3.5 million YouTube followers.


Maybe you’re an at home grill master and a huge fan of The Butcher Shoppe’s cuts.

Or maybe you’re just a fan of Pensacola small businesses.

Whichever is the case, keep reading. It was 4 minutes and 18 seconds into Sam the Cooking Guy’s latest YouTube video on the Denver Steak when I overheard:

“I talk about the benefits of befriending a butcher. Know a good butcher, you’ll get the steaks you want. I go to a local butcher here in San Diego, it’s great, I love called Cecils. They don’t carry the Denver steak. But my friend Kevin Green in Pensacola, Florida at The Butcher Shoppe does,” Sam says in the video.

To my surprise, this wasn’t the first time Green and the Butcher Shoppe have been on the show. Sam goes on to say:

“Do you remember those giant turkey legs we did a couple years ago? Couldn’t get them here, got them from him. Kevin — thank you, I’m going to make you proud buddy,” Sam says.

As it turns out, Sam The Cooking Guy is a regular contributor on a BBQ podcast called the BBQ Central Show, a show The Butcher Shoppe advertises on. Through a mutual friend and cohost, Green and Sam were introduced when the show was in search of giant turkey legs. The Butcher Shoppe then made its first appearance on the viral cooking show.

Green opened The Butcher Shoppe in 2007 in West Pensacola and moved to his current location at 2405 Langley Ave six years ago. To my surprise, Green had never cut a piece of meat prior to opening the doors.

Kevin Greene his wife Karen Greene at Pensacola Eggfest VIP night.

“My experience was in the grocery business as a senior buyer for a wholesaler. When people talk about what they’re going to have for dinner they usually talk about the protein and not the asparagus, so I felt like there was a need for a shop that focused on the center of the plate,” Green said.

While Green worked as a senior buyer, he found he missed the specialty stores that offered better customer experiences and a larger variety of options.

“I noticed the grocery industry had gone the other way and everything moved to the big box industry. It took the wholesomeness out of the experience. Then, I somehow convinced my wife we should open The Butcher Shoppe,” said Green.

Green’s passion for the small business industry and his local community has not gone unnoticed. Lisa Long Lyter, Co-Chair, Pensacola Eggfest admires Green for his goodwill, passion for the community and support for Pensacola Eggfest.

“Kevin Green is one of those people that you want in your arsenal of supporters. As Pensacola Eggfest grows each year, we can look back and contribute part of that growth to Kevin and The Butcher Shoppe.

He never says no to partnering with us to help someone or a charity.

We can count on him. We give away more money to local deserving charities because of his generosity and support. His work ethic is strong, his love for his family is stronger and his love for his community inspires us.

Everyone needs a Kevin. He makes life better.” — Lisa Long Lyter, Co Chair, Pensacola Eggfest.

As Pensacolians, nothing makes us happier than supporting small businesses, especially when they are giving back where they live. It’s people like Kevin Green and specialty stores like The Butcher Shoppe that make Pensacola such a wonderful place to live, work and shop.

“We’ve been very fortunate. Pensacola is a small town where businesses support the community and the community supports the businesses. Everyone pulls together when there is need and the entire business community comes together. We do a lot of nation-wide shipping, but our core business is at our retail store here in Pensacola.” — Kevin Green, The Butcher Shoppe

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