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Safety Tips for Blue Angels Week

With the Blue Angels ready to take to the skies for the Pensacola Beach Air Show, be sure to follow these tips from Escambia County for a safe, fun weekend in the sun:



  1. Leave early. Traffic will be heavy, and parking is limited on Pensacola Beach.
  2. Get in the fast lane to the beach with SunPass® and the reduced-price Pensacola Beach Annual Pass. Watch this video for everything you need to know about SunPass, or visit MyEscambia.com/PensacolaBeachPass.
  3. If parking is full in the core areas, take advantage of the free Pensacola Beach trolleys offered by the Santa Rosa Island Authority. East and west parking lots will be serviced by trolleys and will take beachgoers to and from Casino Beach. Click here for information on the increased public trolley services.
  4. Remember that access into and exiting the Casino Beach parking lot along Via De Luna Drive and Fort Pickens Road has been modified. The parking lot now functions in a circular configuration, with one way in and one way out. The only entrance into the parking lot is along Via De Luna Drive next to Sidelines Sports Bar & Restaurant and across the street from Flounder’s Chowder House. The only exit from the parking lot is along Fort Pickens Road near the public restrooms/Public Safety Building.

Water Safety

  1. Be sure to wear and reapply sunscreen often and drink plenty of water. Remember that alcohol, sun and swimming do not mix.
  2. Escambia County could experience higher-than-normal temperatures, leading to potential heat exhaustion and other heat-related injuries. View Escambia County’s safety message when experiencing very hot temperatures while at the beach.
  3. Swim in lifeguarded areas, and be sure to follow all lifeguard instructions. Swimmers will not be allowed in the Gulf during the airshow.
  4. Check before you go and follow the posted beach condition flag warnings. Watch our lifeguards explain the flag system on Pensacola Beach. Beach conditions can be checked at PensacolaBeachLifeguards.com and on the Pensacola Beach Lifeguards Facebook page.
  5. Know how to escape from a rip current and learn how to break the grip of the rip, which can pull even the strongest swimmer out to sea. Watch the Pensacola Beach Lifeguards’ rip current safety video here.

Beach Rules

  1. Remember to “leave no trace” and keep Pensacola Beach sea turtle-friendly. Properly dispose of trash, fill in any holes in the sand and remove belongings from the beach at the end of the day. This includes not leaving any personal property unattended on the sandy gulf beach from sunset until sunrise like umbrellas, tents, beach toys and chairs. Click here to view the Leave No Trace ordinance.
  2. Follow all Pensacola Beach rules, including:
    1. Glass containers are not allowed on the beach.
    2. The west side of the Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier is an alcohol-free zone.
    3. Open containers are not allowed off the boardwalk or outside any establishment.
    4. No alcohol can be consumed in any parking lot on Santa Rosa Island.
    5. No grills are allowed on the beach.
    6. Dogs other than service animals are not permitted on the any of the beaches except in designated dog parks. Click here to view complete rules and boundaries for Pensacola Beach dog parks.

“We have seen a record number of beachgoers at Pensacola Beach in 2023, and we are expecting this trend to continue now through the Pensacola Beach Air Show,” said District 4 Commissioner Robert Bender. “Combined with the extreme heat our area is expected to experience, beach guests are encouraged to follow beach safety rules, drink plenty of water, protect yourself from the sun’s harmful UV rays, and most importantly, have a great time while watching our beloved U.S. Navy Blue Angels on our world-famous beaches.”