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Music is Medicine for the Soul

Dave Matthews Band - The Wharf, Orange Beach

Music is medicine. 


This past week I was reminded of a few simple truths. First, The Wharf is one of the most dreamy outdoor venues, and it’s just an hour or so drive west of Pensacola. Secondly, the Dave Matthews Band is and always will be one of my favorite live performances to see. And lastly, music is the best medicine.

With a hop, skip, and jump across the state line, you’ll find an oasis of a resort called The Wharf. If you know, you know. It’s a 10,000-seat venue that hosts well-known artists, including but not limited to one of my favorites — the Dave Matthews Band. He played this past Wednesday and flooded the crowd with his tangible energy and poetic set of songs that get you shaking like a monkey.

The Wharf in Orange Beach, Alabama

The upcoming lineup of musicians is hard to beat. I’m particularly excited about the Outlaw Music Festival featuring Willie Nelson and The Avett Brothers coming in early October. You can find more information about the venue and lineup on their website here!

Our culture has driven us into a craze of working, planning, living, and repeating over and over every day.

It’s not until we stumble upon opportunities like driving in the car, standing in front of the stage at a concert, or kneeling at the alter during worship — That we really note how satisfied our souls feel when we listen to music.

We listen.

Music has the power to captivate a busy audience.

And we listen.

Look, I know not everyone is a fan of the Dave Matthews Band, and I’ll continue to pray for you. There IS a band, singer, instrumental, or some kind of vibrational sequence that has your attention wrapped around its sound. Music has a way of breaking into the barriers we build and pausing the busyness we distract ourselves with.

Music brings people together.

This leads to my next thought and favorite thing about the power of music. Music brings people together. Being the extrovert that I am, making new friends is my jam. There is no better place to meet people that share common ground with you than the concerts, festivals, or local pubs playing your favorite tunes. Rain or shine, you can always count on the good vibes.

For the concert this week, my brother and I went together. We are in the double digits for how many times we’ve seen Dave Matthews. On the drive over we reminisced on all the memories we’ve had seeing him in concert with different friends and family. It’s a holistic experience brought together by a love for music.

Guitar pick from Dave Matthews

The gift kept giving after my brother caught the guitar pick Dave threw out at the end of his set. My dad has called me three times to tell me how he could not get over playing his guitar with Dave Matthews’ pick the next morning.

Celebrate we will.

A line from one of my favorite Dave Matthews songs says “Celebrate we will, for life is short but sweet for certain.” It is essential that we build margin in our lives to slow down and listen. Allow yourself the time to be captivated by an experience. May it be musical or not. Find something that ignites a fire in you and soak it up.

Music is the medicine that we can all connect to in some way or another. It is one of the only forms of medicine that spans all cultures, speaks all languages, and heals people in unexplainable ways.

Music is accessible all around you.

Find a local venue!

Check out a church’s worship.

Join a drum circle.

Try a sound bath healing!

Find a station on the radio.

Ask a friend to share their favorite playlist!

Pick up a new instrument.

Sit back, relax, and let the music that surrounds you do the rest. Happy listening!

Makenna Curtis, Local Pulse Staff Writer, Dave Matthews Band #4life