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Did Someone Say Skatepark on Pensacola Beach?

Community Skatepark Idea - Pensacola Beach

When Upward Intuition approached me about the idea they’ve been working on to plant a community skatepark on Pensacola Beach, the middle school version of myself made a reappearance. She’s the jump up and down, dancing all around kind of excited, and doesn’t come out often.


The phrase “strike while the iron is hot!” shouted out in my mind, as I agreed with everything Jon Shell was sharing about the skatepark plans. Being a parent of a skater, a sub-par skater myself, and passionate about the youth in our community – being included in this project felt like divine timing.

Upward Intuition’s team has been the driving force behind the Blake Doyle Community Skatepark that recently opened in Downtown Pensacola. On any day, at any point, you can drive by and see people of all ages enjoying the park. The impact I’ve seen the skatepark make on this community in its short time open has been nothing short of amazing.

To imagine the continuation of this idea out onto Pensacola Beach seemed only natural with the given momentum we have seen behind the park downtown.

The Upward team wants to hear from YOU! How can you show, share, and extend your support for the skate community? Join Upward Intuition and their friends @ the upcoming Community Input Meeting! Details below:

What: Community Input Meeting for Pensacola Beach Community Skatepark

When: August 10th @ 6 PM

Where: Randle Hall, Pensacola Beach Community Church

Who: All are welcome!

As if this news could get any better…

When Jon approached me about the skatepark, it wasn’t just to share that he needed support and a space to host the meeting. For those of you that don’t know Jon and his team behind the skatepark scenes, they are locals with a focus on creating a better future for our community. This focus starts from the ground up and includes everyone.

Everyone including the youth. The next generation is in line to continue the skating legacy here in Pensacola.

Youth Skaters – Pensacola Beach

Jon and his group of friends that started this project almost a decade ago benefited from mentorship and support from those that had gone before them. Now, Jon and the Upward team are looking to give the youth of our community the mic. Just call them “The Youth of Dogtown”.

Over the next few weeks, Upward Intuition will be gathering students/youth from all over the community that have a heart to lead and love to skate. These students will be invited to a Youth Advocates meeting, where they will learn how to communicate big ideas in an impactful way. This meeting will prepare the students to share with our community why it would be awesome to have a skatepark on Pensacola Beach.

You can check out the video invite here!

If you or a student you may know would be interested in learning more about this project, you can visit upwardintuition.org, or you can send them a message on social media to get plugged into the upcoming events!

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