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Calling All Mothers and Sons

My Brothers and Sisters - Pensacola, FL

You’ve probably heard the saying “It takes a village” many times before. Especially if you are a parent of one or more. We see it in all shapes and sizes throughout our community. Families are affected by situations or obstacles that make doing the job alone seem overwhelming and defeating.


This overwhelms and defeat can tear families apart, which is why organizations like My Brothers and Sisters plays such a huge part.

My Brothers And Sisters are a Not-For-Profit Community Outreach Program committed to empowering the youth of today to be the leaders of tomorrow. Their programs and activities incorporate various seminars, workshops, and employment initiatives. These vehicles help promote a positive self-image, commitment to family, ethics, and education that will enable them to be productive citizens in society.

The targeted age group is youth 9 to 18 with emphasis placed on those in the Juvenile Justice System. Their program also includes working with at-risk youth who have never entered and want to stay out of, the system. Our goal is to deter the youth from being placed in transitional programs that would cause them to be sent away from home.

Each year My Brothers and Sisters host family-oriented events designed to bridge the divide between children and their parents. In addition to the upcoming Mothers and Sons night, they host events for Dads and Daughters too.

The organization invites a variety of motivational speakers, community leaders, and clergy to encourage, motivate and challenge each family member to foster positive relationships with each other.

My Brothers And Sisters also facilitate youth mentoring programs designed to teach social skills, self-respect, and respect for others. The ultimate goal is to have a facility that is able to house at-risk juveniles and provide mentoring and educational programs as an alternative to their introduction to the Juvenile Justice System.

“The Mother & Son Night Out is an event celebrating the special relationship between mothers (or mother figures) and their sons. The event highlights the role that mothers play in their son’s development, and focuses on the skills that young men need to know in order to treat women with respect and dignity.

Mother & Son Night Out is also designed to show mothers how important their presence and support are in the lives of their sons. The event will be full of good food, good music, motivational speakers, and entertainment provided by various artists and groups from the Gulf Coast.”

Event Details:

When: Saturday, July 22 from 5 PM – 8 PM

Where: Sanders Beach – Corinne Jones Resource Center

Who: Mothers & Sons

Mother’s and Son’s Night Out Event

Organizations like Cox, American Trucks, The Bear Family Foundation, and Walmart are sponsors of this year’s event. Let the countdown begin for an amazing night and opportunity for mother and son bonding time.

You can register for the event here.

My Brothers and Sisters are making a large impact on the Pensacola community and the families they serve. Be sure to follow along with their future events and volunteer opportunities to mentor our youth! Follow along with their journey here, on Facebook, and website.

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