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All Aboard the Pineapple Express Bowl

Gluten free, dairy free and Hawaiian inspired. Say less! And I didn’t even mention the ice cold, soft serve Dole Whip. Have you been to Pineapple Express Rice Bowls food truck? This is your sign to forget your lunch at home tomorrow.


Located at 2541 Gulf Breeze Pkwy in Gulf Breeze (next to Mavericks Board Riding Co & Gift Shop) Michael Perez opened his food truck in 2019, but is no stranger to the food industry.

“I’ve been in the small business industry for almost 10 years. I did a lot of other businesses, from online, retail, but I can’t seem to get away from the food industry.” Perez said.

Michael Perez, Owner of Pineapple Express Rice Bowls

In 2019 Perez and his wife Erin opened Pineapple Express Rice Bowls, but before that their family owned “Kai Restaurant”, a Japanese restaurant in Mobile, AL for 8 years.

Their Hawaiian-inspired dishes are wife Erin’s recipes and consist of choosing your base, your protein and one of their homemade sauces. The Pex sauce is a crowd favorite, with a similar taste to a yum yum sauce. When available and for a small up charge, you can even have your bowl served in a pineapple. Instagram foodie heaven!

“Our most popular dish would be the original bowl (white rice, chicken, green onions, pineapples, red onions, red bell peppers and topped with pex original sauce and teriyaki sauce,” said Perez.

Life’s too short to skip dessert! Don’t leave without ordering a cold escape to tropical paradise. Their dole whip is a  swirl of sweet pineapple bliss and the perfect way to end your meal and escape from the summer heat.

Well done Michael and Erin – your food is delicious and  the perfect addition to Gulf Breeze! Also available on Door Dash and Grub Hub for delivery. Add them to your summer eats list and give them a follow on Facebook and Instagram @pineappleexpressricebowls.