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People on the Move: Rooney Leanstack Certified

FloridaWest Economic Development Alliance has announced team member Patrick Rooney, CO:LAB Director of Entrepreneurial Development, has completed Leanstack Level-1 Coach Training and is now Leanstack Certified.


Leanstack is hands-on training for educators, mentors, and consultants looking to achieve breakthrough innovation with their teams. Leanstack is designed for mentors like Rooney at incubators and startup accelerators who want to raise the quality of entrepreneurs that enter and leave their programs.

“We use Leanstack to support participants in the Kukua Institute’s Startups on the Blocks programs. This phenomenal program will also help us up our game at CO:LAB where we’re mentoring entrepreneurs to be successful every day,” said Rooney.

“The certification is geared to help us build the next generation of entrepreneurs using battle-tested playbooks, elevating the performance of our entrepreneurs in the areas of increased productivity, improved workflow, cost advantages, networking opportunities and give them the tools they need to be successful once they leave the program.”

For more information on Leanstack, please visit Leanstack.com.