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Healthcare Leaders Converge on Pensacola

Pensacola, while being a small city of 54,000, is busy this morning with nationwide high-level healthcare leaders converging and discussing the most pressing and game changing topics for the healthcare industry.


Healthcare Plus Solutions Group was co-founded in 2022 by partners Quint Studer and his longtime colleague, Dan Collard.

Their purpose?  To bring enhanced solutions to the healthcare industry.

They committed to doing to so by creating tools and training that have a positive impact on those receiving care and those that provide it.

Even more directly stated, they want to contribute to healthcare organizations by assisting them in learning to be experts in connecting patient care to the concept of customer service.

Healthcare Plus Solutions Group has over 300 years of healthcare experience sitting in the room at 350 West Cedar Street today and over the next couple of days. They hail from Virginia, Ohio and as far as New Jersey.

Their goal over the next several days?

“We are always working to diagnose the most urgent pain points and design smart, collaborative solutions.  We want to create plans to execute in a way that gets measurable results. Purpose lives at the center of all we do. It’s the force around which we align” said Nicole Webb Bodie, Partner.

Quint Studer shared, “We are focused on creating workplaces of replenishment…ones that foster innovation…ones that creates opportunity for professional advancement…and one that delivers the very best quality of care.”

You can reach Healthcare Plus Solutions Group by emailing Nicole Webb Bodie at info@healthcareplussg.com or ringing her at 850-748-2027.

You can reach Quint Studer at quint@quintstuder.com and Dan Collard at dan@healthcareplussg.com.

Follow Healthcare Plus Solutions Group on Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin.

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