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Dirty Dough, It’s What’s on the Inside that Counts

Photo by: Joshua Carr

There’s a new cookie shop in town and they’re ditching the filters and cutesy, clean ‘cookie cutter’ cookies. Dirty Dough sells cookies for real life, which can get a little messy at times.


The newest location at 85 W. Airport Blvd is one of many popping up around the U.S. this year. Dirty Dough Cookies founder Bennett Maxwell came up with a sweet business plan — and it’s not just the cookies he’s selling that are bringing success.

His company launched in late 2021 and is already recognized by Forbes and quickly sold 89 franchises with plans to partner with hundreds of entrepreneurs seeking passive income to open thousands of locations over the next five years.

So what makes Maxwell’s business so successful? No doubt his oversized bakery showpieces stuffed with unexpected fillings are part of it, but we believe his purpose-driven mission is drawing fans just as well.

One issue close to his heart is the harm caused to kids by the unattainable images and lifestyles they see on social media, an escalating problem that sometimes even culminates in self-harm.

As the father of two young daughters, he decided to take on this issue with Dirty Dough, earmarking a percentage of his own proceeds for local mental health initiatives such as wellness rooms, where young people can go to learn about mental health and try techniques to keep their minds strong and healthy.

“At Dirty Dough, we spread the message of proudly owning who you are, imperfections and all. We stand for authenticity, self-acceptance, and encouraging others to come as they are, knowing that just like our cookies, what really matters is on the inside,” Maxwell said.

The new Pensacola location is locally owned, but operates under the same ideals — businesses should be driven first and foremost by a higher purpose.

Dirty Dough shows us that life isn’t always clean and perfect. Sometimes it is dirty and imperfect, but still sweet.

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