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Best Defense Against Illness is Being the Healthiest Version of You

Working as a healthcare provider during the COVID-19 pandemic reinforced my belief in the need to take a holistic and proactive approach to my client’s health.


Being the healthiest version of you is obviously the best defense against a poor outcome from illness, but it also elevates your daily quality of life. And the pandemic increased my hyper-focus on just that for each of my patients.

At Lifestyle Performance Medicine, our mission is to help you lead a healthier life by providing the highest quality, pharmaceutical-grade supplements available.

Since 2015, we have been working here in Pensacola to provide patients with the best supplemental options on the market to complement the medicine we practice as providers. Our goal is to help you reach optimal health and peak performance through products and services you can trust.

As a part owner of Lifestyle Performance Medicine and a certified Physician Assistant, I see a variety of patients from local law enforcement to professional athletes and anyone in between.

By taking a functional and performance medical approach with each of my patients, I’m able to search out the root causes of disease or dysfunction to treat them. When I can work with you to increase your overall health, while simultaneously reducing dependence on medication, I’m enthused and invigorated!

So many of my patients come to me not because of a specific illness, but because they just believe they could feel overall better.

Much of what I do is patient education. I want you to understand the effects of stress, poor diet, and sleeplessness on your body; and help you improve your life by reversing these processes. It is why we provide naturopathic treatment options that improve quality of life and reduce overmedication.

Patients also come to me because they have begun to experience symptoms that signify an underlying issue. Through extensive blood work and testing, I work to identify problems and then:

-balance hormones

-correct micronutrient deficiencies

-reduce dependence on symptom-masking medications

On average, my patients spend several hours with me yearly so that I can truly develop an individualized treatment plan for each one.

I have been working with Dr. David LeMay since I became a PA in 2015. Through his mentorship and guidance, I have built a practice that serves local clients, as well as several military and veteran organizations and Florida law enforcement agencies.

Owning and building the practice of Lifestyle Performance Medicine is the result of our wish to provide our patients with the very same products we suggest to our most high-profile clients. If we provide it, you can assume we would (or do) take it ourselves.

Have questions about what this process includes?  Want options to feel better without overmedication?  I want to help.

Kevin Lacz, PA-C





*Note from Local Pulse Editor: Kevin Lacz is a part of our Community Voices series. Community Voices is a group of Pensacola dwellers that are making a difference in our city by sharing best practices, experiences, their perspective on impactful subjects, and contributing expertise that leads to movement forward for a stronger community.

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