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A Day At the Zoo with Lou

Petting Zoo, The Gulf Breeze Zoo

Incoming summer activity review hot off the digital press! If you know her, you love her. She’s a local, a natural explorer, and a creative thinker. Our friend Lou got the inside scoop and shares her findings from a trip to The Gulf Breeze Zoo! While visiting for the day with her grandmother, Lou gathered all the MUST sees and all the SHOULD dos.


Lou shares, “Well, I really liked the giraffe exhibit best because I got to feed them with fresh lettuce. He ate it straight from my hand and his tongue felt so weird!”

Giraffe Feeding Exhibit

Other exhibits that made the favorites list include The Train Safari, Hands-on Bird Atrium, and the Petting Zoo! Lucky for Lou, she was born and raised here in Pensacola, so she’s spent many sunny days experiencing all the fun that the zoo has to offer. It’s one of the best-kept secrets for an outdoor activity that the whole family can do.

The Gulf Breeze Zoo is home to 50 acres of wild adventure with over 1000 animals, educational exhibits, and a diverse array of animal attractions. The local zoo has been in operation for decades, continuing to stay committed to wild animal education and advocating for healthy captivity practices.

“Don’t forget the hands-on Sloth encounters! They are just so cute.” Lou told us this as she tried to bribe us to help her sneak a sloth home.

You can experience wildlife on a whole new level without having to travel very far! The zoo offers excursions of all kinds that will immerse you into a safari experience such as Ape Island, the Hippopotamus Pond, or the random run-in with the wandering peacocks.

Additional offerings include annual membership, group visits, field trips, special exhibits, as well as seasonal events. Handicap accessibility is available throughout the property with some limitations for the Train Safari.

Eric Mogensen, the CEO, cares deeply about the community here and is determined to continue making a positive impact through their wildlife conversation efforts at the zoo.

As a bonus, Lou found these FREE coloring pages that you can color too! You can download them from the link below and share your artwork by tagging @gulfbreezezoo on social media!

A big thanks to Lou for sharing her adventure with us! “I hope this helps people know that the zoo is such a fun place to go!”

– Lou, Age 7

Find out more information and plan your trip to the Gulf Breeze Zoo by visiting their website here.

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