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5 Things to Ask Yourself this Summer Solstice

The sun has started to stick around for just a little bit longer each day. You don’t need to drive home with your headlights on and you get to enjoy the sunset during or after you eat your dinner. All because as spring and summer pass, the earth grows closer to the summer solstice. Solstice meaning, “solar standstill.”


Today, June 21, marks the official start of summer (from the eyes of an astrologer). It brings the longest day and shortest night of the year for the 88% of Earth’s people who live in the Northern Hemisphere.

Here’s 5 things to ask yourself this summer solstice:

1) Today marks the longest day of the year. Since the Winter Solstice the days have been slowly growing longer as the Earth slowly began tilting back toward the sun. How are you using your extra daylight?

2) We are the closest to the sun we’ll be all year. We are currently being bathed in the energy of the sun. And for nearly 24 hours a day right now the northern hemisphere is soaking up all that fierce, intense, electrifying energy. Where are you directing all that energy?

3) The solstice is a global moment. The Summer Solstice is a precise planetary moment when the Earth’s tilt reaches its highest point. It’s not a day, or a time like New Years that is celebrated at various times throughout the day as the the Earth rotates through its time zones. The Solstice happens at an exact moment; the same moment everywhere on Earth. Who do you need to reconnect to?

4) The solstice is a peak for earth. Ever since winter solstice, the sun has been slowly growing and the days have steadily been getting longer. On the Summer Solstice, the sun reaches its peak and it completes its cycle of growth. What accomplishments do you need to celebrate?

5) After today the days will begin to get shorter and the northern hemisphere begins tilting away from the sun and the days start growing shorter again. Why is today a meaningful moment in your life?

There are no wrong or right answers. Just a day to recognize a powerful planetary moment and reflect on new beginnings for Earth and possibly even yourself. Happy summer solstice!