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Wes Tegtmeyer Earns his Blue Angels’ Crest

Photo By: U.S. Navy Blue Angels

Congratulations to the newest Blue Angel, AM1 Wes Tegtmeyer!


After months of intense training, Wes earned his Blue Angels’ crest.

Prior to becoming crested, new team members must train and become experts in all facets of Blue Angels squadron history, procedures, teamwork, and tradition. Once completed, they are forever part of The Blue Angel family.

Wes’ first air show will be this weekend, May 13 & 14 at Scott Air Force Base in St. Clair County, Illinois.

In order to be a Blue Angels applicant, you must be carrier-qualified with at least 1,250 tactical jet flight hours or 1,2000 flight hours as a commander. Each pilot must also complete 120 training flights during winter training in order to perform a public demonstration safely.

To date, there have been over 260 demonstration pilots and 37 Flight Leaders/Commanding Officers.

Congratulations Wes and good luck this weekend. We can’t wait to watch all your hard work in Pensacola!