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Time to Celebrate National Small Business Week

Hey Pensacola, have you heard? It’s National Small Business Week and we want to give you some reminders of why we are passionate about supporting small businesses and you should be too. Secondly, we want to share some ways you can celebrate this week and spread some love to your favorite local businesses around town.


National Small Business Week is celebrated during the first week of May every year and the aim of this week is to honor the entrepreneurs of our country who have played their part in bringing new ideas to life and growing our economy.

Maybe I am bias, but I think Pensacola has some of the best small, local businesses of anywhere. Take one stroll down Palafox and you’ll see dozens of small businesses, all of which are eager to support each other and eager to provide a strong sense of community. The genuine desire to see their neighbors succeed is part of what makes our town so special.

The hundreds of small businesses provide locals with a sense of place and visitors with rich culture and a reason to return again and again. At the Local Pulse we love honoring small businesses any chance we get and we want to share some ways you can too this week and every week.

1) We’ll start with the most obvious, shop local! Yes, this is us giving you an excuse (if you needed one) to go shopping this week! Go get mom’s Mother’s Day gift at local spot, buy flowers from a local vendor or a snag a new Mother’s Day brunch outfit at a boutique downtown.

2) Okay, maybe you don’t get paid until next week, but you can still participate and support your favorite businesses. Which ones do you already shop at? Do you follow them on social media? Have you left a google review? Give them a follow, share their posts and tell the community why you love them so much.

3) Open your own small business! Ever dreamt of opening your own small business? You’re in the right place. Studer Community Institute is now opening their Venture Mentoring Service to welcome new mentees. A program that provides confidential, team mentoring services to entrepreneurs across the Pensacola community for free. More info here. 

Congratulations to all the small businesses out there for showing up today and everyday and thank you for choosing Pensacola to open up shop. We see you, we hear you and we appreciate you!