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The Oldest Burger on the Block

Every May celebrates National Hamburger Month and to celebrate I was in search of Pensacola’s oldest burger. Dating all the way back to 1939, Jerry’s Drive In holds the title for not only the oldest burger, but the oldest restaurant in Pensacola.


Founded by Jerry Glass, the restaurant used to have a car-hop style service in the back, hence the name. Despite some renovations, it holds the same spirit and classic diner feel. You could almost mistake it for Arnold’s Drive-In straight out of Happy Days — all that’s missing is The Fonz, a Jukebox and the Fonzie Touch.

The walls are adorned with vintage college pennants, signs and bumper stickers with humorous slogans like “Young at heart, slightly older in other places” or “If you’ve got duct tape, I can fix it.” The draft beer is served is served in icy cold recycled glass milk jugs, milkshakes served in vintage soda glasses, and the regulars claim their favorite booth or barstool.

Jerry’s promotes itself as the home of the original bacon cheeseburger, but the menu has a wide variety of classic Southern home cooking plates such as mullet dinners and meatloaf sandwich specials. Whatever you do, don’t forget your Jerry’s sauce and don’t forget to bring cash. They might be one of the last cash only spots standing, but don’t worry they have an ATM up front.

Thank you Jerry’s for your delicious burgers and thank you for taking us back in time to the good ‘ol days.