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Recharge More than Your Phone at the Bar

Community Voice, Katie Elizabeth Garrett

Ever feel like you want to be around people but also not? Same.


I hear people like me are called ambiverts, also known as introverted extroverts or social introverts.

What is an ambivert? An ambivert is a person who expresses behaviors of both introversion and extroversion and can change into either variation depending on their mood, circumstances, and objectives.

You find yourself wanting to unplug from social pressures but also don’t want to end up on a couch binge for three days straight. Being with friends and making new ones sparks my joy, but I also crave that alone time with my Netflix account.

Over the last ten years of owning a bar, I have learned that I can have the best of both worlds simultaneously.

Building a little community at your favorite local watering hole is a great way to satiate those introverted extrovert tendencies. There is something relaxing about stopping by to see that friendly bartender who now knows your favorite libation and your pet’s name.

Two barstools over, a regular you have grown to appreciate for their daily dad jokes lighten the mood after another stressful day. And sitting at the table behind you, a couple sits with their puppy which we all know is a must to ask to pet because who doesn’t want to pet the goodest boys?

This can ultimately lead to the potential to make new human and fur friends. There is always an opportunity for social engagement at a bar, which feeds my extroverted personality.

However, if it has been one of those days, weeks, months, or even your year, sometimes you just want to sit in the quiet of your own mind amongst friends and strangers, allowing yourself to recharge.

There is something calming about watching the world operate around you, soaking in the little moments. Find a little spot, my favorite being a chair on a sidewalk, and let the daily routines become stories in your mind. Appreciate the breeze, the cool drink in your hand, and your little moment of serenity.

Amongst the hustle and bustle, there is still an opportunity to sit with your own mind and focus on your needs, nourishing that introverted side of myself.

Unplug from your phone, recharge yourself, and don’t forget to tip your bartender.

Katie Garrett

Owner, Old Hickory Whiskey Bar, and The Kennedy

*Note from Local Pulse Editor: Katie Elizabeth Garrett is a part of our Community Voices series. Community Voices is a group of Pensacola dwellers that are making a difference in our city by sharing best practices, experiences, their perspective on impactful subjects, and contributing expertise that leads to movement forward for a stronger community.

Photo:  Camera and Flask