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Parade, Pirates, & Treasures in Ft Walton Beach

Court of Captain Billy Bowlegs in Ft Walton Beach, Florida

Avast ye, hearties!  This weekend is the 67th Annual Captain Billy Bowlegs Pirate Festival in Fort Walton Beach and we don’t want ya lookin’ like a scallywag and not showing up.


But first, who is this Seadog that bore a Jolly Roger on his ship?

Captain Billy Bowlegs was a British loyalist who founded the State of Muscogee in 1799. He lived amongst the Creek Indians and developed a relationship with them. The Creek Indians later declared him Chief of the Muskogee Nation. Bowles’ goal was to re-establish British authority in Florida and to create an Indian state which would ally with Britain against the United States.

The festival this weekend is a celebration of how he brought his community together while honoring local businesses and creating fun for the whole family, with a few tall tales told of the legendary exploits of Captain Billy Bowlegs.

Starting May 19 and going through May 22, the city of Fort Walton will host a parade with doubloon-laden floats, well-dressed pirates singing a chantey at the top of their lungs, fireworks, live music & entertainment, and plenty of food & drinks.

The festival will begin with the Skirmish, where Captain Billy Bowlegs and his Honor Guard will come to the Fort Walton Beach Landing on Friday, May 19th. The Mayor and his Police Force are prepared and have promised to arrest Captain Billy if he tries to land.

On Saturday, May 20th, after his defeat the night prior, Captain Billy will return with his entire Krewe, his friends, and the visiting Krewes from across the country. The Mayor will unleash a secret weapon, but it will be no match for the overwhelming presence of Captain Billy’s forces. The Captain is sure to prevail and will take over the City.

Finally, on Monday night, May 22nd, there will be a Victory Torchlight Parade on Eglin Parkway from First Street to Hughes Ave. The parade will be anchored by Captain Billy and his Krewe of pirates marching down the street to celebrate Captain Billy Bowlegs’ 67th Annual capture of Fort Walton Beach.

Throughout the weekend, there will be live music and entertainment, a fireworks display, and plenty of food and drinks available for purchase.

You can find more information here: www.kreweofbowlegs.com

Whether joining them by land or sea, have fun with Captain Bowlegs and his Krewe!

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