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Now I Want A Kia Telluride!

I have a new Kia wishlist, y’all!


At the very top? A Kia Telluride.

I have driven the same car for years and years. I’m pretty satisfied with a car as long as it gets me there and is comfortable. But that poor car was on its last leg and I needed a new one.

After a ton of research, I chose the Kia Sorento, which has been a perfect car for me. But recently, I test-drove my friend’s Telluride and now I want the Kia Telluride! What have I gotten myself into?

You’ll have to check out the video to see what I mean but for starters…it looks super cool (I kind of felt like I was an FBI agent or in a luxury vehicle), it’s totally comfortable, has two sunroofs (hello Florida livin’!), and has all the bells and whistles to make it safe for me and my kids.

Okay, enough of all that…see if you can find the moment I’m sold. Ha!