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Have You Tried Land Paddling with Surf & Turf?

Tiffany Bearden, fitness instructor and owner of Surf & Turf Fitness.

Tiffany Bearden, the owner of Surf & Turf Fitness, will get you out of a fitness rut by bringing you a customized workout session for one person or a group.


Several weeks ago, I met Tiffany out past Portofino Island Resort for an introduction to some of the unique offerings in her mobile gym. The first activity I tried was land paddling. I was excited to try this because I love a challenge and the experience of something new. 

Quite simply, it’s skateboarding with a “paddle”. The paddle is a modified balance stick that you can use to push yourself along and keep from falling. Within a short amount of time, I worked up a sweat and had a lot of laughs doing it. I got an ab and arm workout, but could still move the next day! 

The land paddle board is essentially an oversized skateboard deck with extra large wheels. Tiffany custom-designed and created a deck that is much like a cruiser board, but with big road wheels that allow you to navigate bumpy or uneven terrain without the fear of falling.

The paved pathways past Portofino offered a long open space to give variety to the experience, much like you would on a paddleboard. 

After attempting the land paddle, we moved over to her mobile gym, which is equipped with everything you need for a complete workout. The trailer is outfitted with a full range of hand weights, kettlebells, medicine balls, resistance bands, a weight bench, and a punching bag. 

She also offers classes on the Indo Board, short for Indoor Board, which is made for balance and core work. It was originally designed to help surfers stay fit when out of the water but provides a head-to-toe balance workout for anyone.

In addition to the fitness classes, she also offers guided paddle boarding classes or tours and board rentals, which she will deliver to you. This is a great option for hosting people for a unique event. What a great way to celebrate a milestone occasion or birthday by gathering your best friends and paddling over some of our beautiful waterways!

Tiffany has clients all over the Pensacola area and will bring her fitness experience directly to your home, business, or a centralized location for clients or friends. She even has a physician who hires her to come to the office once a month for a complimentary class for her patients. 

Tiffany is very friendly and eager to make the entire experience top-notch, with VIP service and attention to the smallest detail. If you’re looking for something new for date night, girls’ night out, or birthday celebrations, check out Surf & Turf Fitness on Facebook here. 

You can also call Tiffany at (850) 207-9844.