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Every Adult Remembers Their Favorite Teacher

There is a saying, “every adult remembers their favorite teacher.” Who do you think of? As the school year comes to an end, I can’t help but think of my favorite teachers and how they have shaped my life. From kindergarten to high school, each one with their own mini memory bank reserved in my brain.


As I scrolled through Facebook the other day, a post caught my eye. More than that, it warmed my soul and opened the floodgates to my own memory reserve of teachers who have impacted me.

The post was shared by Brentwood Elementary School and was about a very special kindergarten educator, Mrs. Audrey Brown. Not only was she named as Brentwood Elementary School’s Teacher of the Year, but she has been teaching for a total of 32 years, 28 of them being at Brentwood Elementary. Mrs. Brown will also retire this year.

Those things alone make Mrs. Brown noteworthy, but it was the book she was reading to her kindergarten class that stood out to me, “Down by Mrs. Brown’s.” “Down by Mrs. Brown’s” is a book that her kindergarten class authored and illustrated. A tradition she began three years ago.

In the video, she reads the book aloud to the class as they giggle and snicker at their own lines which include, “Did you ever see a pig wearing a wig down my Mrs. Brown’s?” and “Did you ever see bees eating Swiss cheese down by Mrs. Brown’s?” All with their own illustrations to compliment their word play. Each student then receives a copy at the end of the year. 

My cheeks were sore from grinning so big and my eyes teary and blurry after watching the video ten times. I don’t know if it was the nostalgia or the sweet, adorable kids that made me well up, but I do know they were happy tears.

I think more than anything, I know in my heart that this moment in time in Mrs. Brown’s classroom will be a core memory for all the children who sit on the floor in front of her. A beautiful moment and memory that will live rent free in their heads for a lifetime to come.

Before she retires this week, I asked Mrs. Brown what she wants her students, past and present, to always remember.

“I want my students to always remember to try their best, and not quit! If they fail it is okay because it just means that they can’t do it yet.  The key word is yet!  Keep at it because your brain is just growing every day and you will get it. I also want them to remember that I love and care about them.” — Mrs. Audrey Brown.

I want to use this time to say Congratulations to Mrs. Brown and all the educators out there making a difference. I am certain you already are and will continue to be the reason the saying “every adult remembers their favorite teacher” proves to be true for decades to come.