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Let’s Meet At Jitterbug!

Whether catching up with work or an old friend, there are never enough places that are just right. And that’s what Jitterbug is…just right.


Anchoring a corner of a little strip of stores on 12th Avenue in East Hill, Jitterbug is an eclectic mix of eye candy and comfort.

The owners boast about their “velvety smooth cold brew and espresso drinks, made with locally roasted Alla Prima Coffee, which are sure to send your tastebuds twirling.”

This little cafe is stocked with a number of craft beers and soft drinks for non-coffee drinkers.

They have a great snacking selection for dinner and go beyond baked goods for brunch. I highly recommend the Mezze or Cheeseboard for sharing over a catch-up session with friends. The loaded hummus and a latte are a great combo when you’re snacky while catching up on a work project.

The great news is that Revolver Records, tucked inside Jitterbug, has a superb selection of vinyl to peruse while caffeinating.

The great thing is from 4-6 PM Wednesday-Saturday they serve up deals on snacks, beer, wine, and some out-of-the-box cocktails. I hear the early bird gets the worm. What does the midday “still trying to figure it all out human” get? Wine and cheese? Bird…you can keep your worm.

Thanks, Ari and Barrett. I think your place is pretty awesome. I hope you don’t mind that I’ve invited a few of my 15,000 friends.

Jitterbug is located at 2050 N 12th Ave, Pensacola.

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