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Foodie Friday: Public Affairs Gastropub

Doan Truong

Okay, look…I’m not trying to tell you what to do, but I’m gonna tell you what to do. Go eat at Public Affairs Gastropub.


The truck is owned and operated by Doan Truong who is as nice as he is a great cook. When I approached him about doing a story, he was kind and gracious and quickly followed up eager to share his talents.

I don’t know about you, but when I meet good people, I want to see them succeed. I prayed his food was good and promised I would be back.

So today, I met two friends for a relaxed Friday lunch meeting. The truck is conveniently located at Doc’s Hop Shop on Heinberg, adjacent to the 10th Street intersection.

One of my friends raved over the Char Sui Rice Bowl to the point that another Friday Foodie Friend had to come over and give his testimonial of only ever eating the rice bowl. The bowl is a Chinese BBQ Pork Shoulder over Jasmine rice with a tare glaze and a green onion confit.

I had the Alabama Chicken Sandwich, a smoked chicken thigh with bacon and Provolone on a buttered bun. Although it was served with a perfect white BBQ, I think you could slather it with his Gochujang sauce for an extra smoky kick.

The third in our trio was impressed with the vegan Krabby Patti, which is a seared Krab Cake served with a side of coleslaw and fries. A white remoulade was the “icing” on this cake.

Doan also serves up smash burgers, burnt ends, popcorn chicken with a Korean flare, and several other items on a menu that could change based on the seasons.

The bonus of eating at Public Affairs is that you can take a seat under the breezy-covered deck of Doc’s Hop Shop and Doan will bring the order to your table. A full selection of microbrews, ciders, wine, and Big Jerk sodas.

Besides the great food, the second best part was making a new friend in Doan. We will definitely be back!

Public Affairs Gastropub is located at 500 E. Heinberg Street, Pensacola.