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Brown Bagger…for Chicken

Listen, I understand Brown Bagger has a cult following for its burgers, so before you throw darts at me for that headline, I need you to know that I know all about their bomb burgers.


But have you had their chicken? I’m for real.

The Google Ad says Hamburger restaurant and their website says “Made to Order Specialty Burgers,” but I’m telling you…they’re being shy about the tendies.

Who doesn’t love a good ole burger, right? But some of us are cursed. Apparently, the universe saw fit to punish me with a red meat allergy, so burgers have been a no-go for me for a very long time. But what am I to do when my crew wants burgers? I know where I’m going from here on out.

I’m headed to Brown Bagger for some chicken tendies, fries, and an order of fried Brussels sprouts made bangin’ with bacon and balsamic glaze. Hello!

Brown Bagger is located behind Alga Beer Company at 2435 N 12th Ave. It’s the place with that super cool “Pensacola” postcard painted on the side of the building. There’s lots of parking and plenty of places to sit indoors and out.

They’re open on Saturdays from 11 a.m. – 9 p.m., so head to Palafox Market, watch crazy Pensacolians rappel off the Studer Community Institute for Arc, then head to Brown Bagger for lunch.

It’s the perfect day…the Pensacola way.

Thank you, Dana. You’re welcome.

For a full look at their menu, check it out here.

The outdoor seating area at Brown Bagger.