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It’s Time to Learn the Basics

William Knehr, Felicia Knehr and Benjamin Rera, owners of Anchor Up Fitness, started a nonprofit at the beginning of the year that helps our youth learn basic life skills that will prepare them for car ownership, home ownership and ‘adulting.’ Pensacola Life Skills is a free program open to anyone who is willing to learn.


“I’ve wanted to do this for years. Ever since a friend of mine told me about his daughter helping a bunch of young men change a tire on their car because they were stranded on the side of road. I couldn’t believe that, who drives a car without knowing the basics of how to maintain it?  Who owns a house without the basics of how to maintain it?  It turns out a lot of people,” says Will.

Will and his wife Felicia shared their skills with their children and think its important to spread their knowledge even further.

“I was lucky. I was raised by my stepdad and my mom didn’t who didn’t have money to fix anything, so we did all the work around our house growing up.  We fixed and replaced the water heater, we did the electrical, we fixed our cars, and whatever else came up.  My wife and I raised our kids the same way, and we want to share that knowledge with others,” Will explained.

So far, they’ve had two classes — basic plumbing and drywall repair. This month, the class is basic electrical taking place on March 25 at 2pm, click here to RSVP.

“We aren’t trying to sell anyone anything, we just want people to take ownership of their lives. I am currently funding this 100% from my own pocket as a service to the fine people of Pensacola. My wife and I believe in the power of hard work and the power of ownership,” says Will.

Anchor Up fitness is a small, veteran-owned business, owned by Felicia Knehr, Benjamin Rera, and Will Knehr specializing in group fitness classes and no obligation memberships. Thank you Anchor Up — we look forward to watching you grow and the future skills you will teach!