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Huzzah! Gulf Coast Renaissance Faire!

Photo: Gulf Coast Renaissance Faire

It’s Faire time once again! Time to eat, drink, be merry, and get medieval!


This Saturday and Sunday, March 4-5, 2023 at the Santa Rosa Fairgrounds in Milton, Florida, plan to attend the Gulf Coast Renaissance Faire, Pirate Fest, Wild West Roundup, and History Festival.

The festival celebrates the history and heritage of Medieval Europe as well as the 16th-century Gulf Coast. An all-new Wild West Round-Up and History Festival has been added to the event.

Come see Jousting Knights from History Channels “Full Metal Jousting”! There will also be Swordfighters, Jesters, Jugglers, Firebreathers, Musical Minstrels, Gypsy and Exotic Belly Dancers, Falconry, Magic, Pirates, Conquistadors, Wild West Gunslingers from Six Gun Territory, Al Capones Roaring 20s Gangsters, Swing Dancing, Joe Occhipinti’s Swing Band, Civil War demos, petting zoo, food, drink, games, and rides.

Any costumes related to the past, Renaissance, Medieval, Western, and history-related characters are encouraged. But the festival says, “if you want to be Darth Vader then so be it”. Costumes are not required to attend but are just recommended for extra fun.

Demonstrations are an important part of the festival’s craft program, as they provide an opportunity for patrons to interact directly with artisans.

There will be food and beverage vendors, as well as game and ride areas. Games include basic skills events such as archery or ax-throwing, as well as other games of skill.

Rides are typically not machine powered; various animal rides and human-powered swings are common.

Live animal displays and falconry exhibitions are also commonplace.

Please note: this is a living history event. The Faire tries to recreate history in a fun way. In that regard, there are things from history that make very loud “booms” and “bangs” such as cannons and other historical tools of war, hunting, and personal protection. If you have sensitivities/medical conditions that would be affected by such activities or simply objections to such artifacts of history then you should not enter this event.