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Red Bull Surf contest returns to Pensacola

Calling all Gulf Coast surfers…or non surfers. Red Bull Foam Wreckers surf contest is returning to Pensacola Beach Fishing Pier for the second year in a row on March 18.


Partnering with local surf shop Waterboyz, the anti-surf contest surf contest is pretty simple and only has one very simple requirement: you must ride a soft-top (foamie) surfboard. That’s pretty much it, the rest is up to you! Catch as many waves as you want, and ride them however you’d like, your goal is to have more fun than everybody else!

Red Bull partnered with Catch Surf to provide soft boards for you to use, so literally all you need to bring down to the beach on event day is yourself.

The exact event format for each Red Bull Foam Wreckers varies based on the waves/conditions available on the day of competition. Before your “heat” you will spin the “Wheel of Shred” to determine which Catch Surf soft-board model you’re going to RIP on. You’ll paddle out with 6-10 of your closest (new) friends all on different soft-boards and proceed to stake your claim as the most “unique” soft-board surfer of the next 15 minutes.

You never know what our “professional” judges might be looking for, they all have their personal preferences that they’ll share before you paddle out, but the key is to have fun, be creative and don’t take yourself too seriously.

Entry is $25 for ages 18+ or 16+ with a parent’s signature. Special guests, prizes and additional information to come. Visit the Red Bull Foam Wreckers page to register.