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Pensacola Interstate Fair $30,000 Scholarship Program

Pensacola Interstate Fair, Inc. continues to focus on education by offering $30,000 in scholarship grants for Escambia and Santa Rosa County students.


The Pensacola Interstate Fair is proud to announce that applications are now available for the 2023-2024 John E. Frenkel, Sr. Educational Grant program.

Deadline to submit application online is April 10, 2023.

The Pensacola Interstate Fair has always had a strong focus and passion for strengthening the community by furthering education.  Each year, the Fair awards up to 30 students, $1,000 each.   To be eligible, applicants must have participated in the Fair through volunteering, displaying an exhibit or being active in the livestock program during their high school years.

  • All grants are restricted to graduating High School Seniors who, during their high school years, have been actively involved in the presentation of exhibits, animals, projects and displays, or have volunteered at least ten (10) documented hours of assistance as designated by Fair staff.
  • All grants are for one (1) year only, beginning Fall Term, 2023 and ending with Summer Term, 2024
  • The grant is for graduating Seniors, made payable to any accredited college or vocational school.  Applications are submitted completely online this year.
  • Finalists will be selected during the fourth week of April.
  • To date, over one million, two hundred fifty-one thousand ($1,251,000) dollars have been awarded to more than one thousand, three hundred twelve (1,312) grant participants.

For more information, rules and instructions, visit pensacolafair.com/scholarship-info/

Scholarship Program History

For many years The Pensacola Interstate Fair has generously provided unrestricted educational funds to the Pensacola Junior College and to the University of West Florida. During 1983-84 a special grants program was initiated. These grants were restricted to members of Future Farmers of America, 4-H Clubs and Future Homemakers of America who were graduating high school seniors and who, during their senior years, had been actively involved in the presentation of exhibits, projects and displays during the Fair. It was a sincere attempt to reward those who had contributed so much to the success of the Fair each year and who wished to continue their educational experiences with the assistance and encouragement of the Pensacola Interstate Fair. The program was well received and several young men and women were able to complete their first year of college as the first Interstate Fair Educational Grants Recipients.

1984-85 marked the 50th year of the Pensacola Interstate Fair, Inc. which had grown from its humble beginnings in 1935 to a position of prominence and importance through-out the United States. To properly celebrate this Golden Anniversary event, the members of the Pensacola Interstate Fair, Inc., through the approval of its Board of Directors, substantially increased funds providing for a large number of grants available for 1984-85, broadened the base to include students heretofore ineligible to apply and created several new categories to assist students pursuing undergraduate and graduate programs at Pensacola Junior College and at the University of West Florida. As a special and most appropriate tribute to the Founder, former General Manager and late Chairman of the Board of Directors, the additional funding was used to establish the JOHN E. FRENKEL, SR. – Educational Grants Program in honor of his lifelong dedication to education, his outstanding contributions to our community and his many years of devotion and leadership to the Pensacola Interstate Fair, Inc.