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Trending Today January 26, 2023



Smart Phone Detox

Flip phones are making a comeback with Gen Z as a statement of how important mental health is and how retro technology can improve your state of mind.

Gen Zers report that they are reading more books, have more time for coffee dates, and in general have improved their connections with others instead of spending their time scrolling through their social media.


Women are sharing their journey as they raise their families.  Single parents with children living together means the dishes get done, the laundry gets done, and as a Mom on her own, they are finding the support they need right in their own home with another Mom’s assistance in the same house.

Sober Bars

The demand for places to hang out to enjoy nightlife minus the booze is rapidly growing. Alcohol-free bars are popping up in greater numbers and are experiencing a surge in popularity. They provide a respite for those who are sober, in a phase of recovery or want a booze-free night with a place to connect.  But they are not sacrificing style, opportunities to meet new people, live music, and a place to dance and celebrate life.