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Medical Center Clinic Is Pleased To Announce Dakotah James as Customer Relations Representative

Dakota James
Image from Medical Center Clinic

Medical Center Clinic is pleased to announce Dakotah James as the customer relations representative for the Quality Assurance Department. As a customer relations representative, Dakotah will continue to advocate for patients by developing and executing solutions that meet our patients’ needs while maintaining our purpose: to be the premier provider of compassionate, quality health care.

This role will strengthen the quality assurance efforts to support decision-making and execution across Medical Center Clinic’s top strategic initiatives and will play a key role in prioritizing our values.


Dakotah has an extensive background and more than 10 years of experience serving clients and the community in public service. Before joining Medical Center Clinic, he held significant positions with the Department of Juvenile Justice, Department of Children and Families, Department of Disability, and 90Works. He specializes in leading strategic growth, impact measurement and continuous improvement initiatives.

Dakotah holds an Associate of Arts degree and a Business and Management Bachelor of Applied Science degree in business and management with a concentration in public safety management from Pensacola State College.

“I feel passionate about Medical Center Clinic’s purpose, values and vision and the community it serves,” Dakotah stated. “This is my first opportunity to be involved with a health care-focused organization in this capacity. I am excited to learn and bring my experience to this role.”

“Dakotah’s dedication and enthusiasm, coupled with his extensive knowledge and experience in public service, will make a tremendous impact on the overall growth of this organization. He is a vital asset to our multi-talented leadership team,” said Andy Popple, Jr., CPA, executive director at Medical Center Clinic.

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